The X Factor 2008

HAD your summer holiday yet? No, me neither.
Once a year I receive a reminder that time for that break in the sun is running out.
It’s the invite to the launch of a new series of The X Factor.
I’ll be going along to that later this week, ahead of the first ITV1 show on Saturday night.
Yes, that’s Saturday August 16, with the fifth series finishing – as usual – at Christmas.
Don’t ever accuse ITV of not squeezing the last drop out of their hit shows.
Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue and new girl Cheryl Cole are due to attend this week’s launch.
But they’ve already been talking about the new series.

As has host Dermot O’Leary.
In press material released today he confirms that the producers will, yet again, be toying with our heartstrings.
“There was one young girl who had lost her dad in between her first audition and the judges’ callback,” reveals Dermot.
“It was her family’s wish she should still go through with the competition.
“In a situation like that it is impossible not to get caught up with someone’s emotions and it became more than a TV story.
“In that case it was about the girl’s dream and that was her moment in front of the judges to fulfil her father’s wish.
“Suddenly you don’t really care what questions you are asking – you are just hoping they get through.”
There’s a TV feature in tomorrow’s MEN, with much more to follow…all the way into the depths of December.
Update – the online version of the TV feature is here.