Lost In Austen

YOU can hear the critics sharpening their keyboards for Lost In Austen.
Modern day bank worker Amanda Price is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice.
Then one night she discovers Elizabeth Bennet standing in her bathroom.
And suddenly finds herself back in time in the world of the book.
Before you mention it, the cast claim comparisons with Life On Mars are wide of the mark.
I saw episode one of the new four-part ITV1 drama yesterday.
It includes a scene where Amanda, played by Jemima Rooper, sings Petula Clark’s Downtown to Mr Darcy and co.

“It was bizarre – a very odd thing to do,” Jemima told us.
The former Hex and Sugar Rush actress is pictured here as Fi in 2006 Manchester filmed and set BBC3 series Sinchronicity.
What does she think The Jane Austen Society will make of the ITV1 drama when it arrives on screen next month?
“Who knows?” replied Austen fan Jemima.
“I didn’t feel offended by anything that I read in the script.
“I think this is exciting and brilliant and funny – and I hope that if they have any prejudice just by hearing what this show is, they’ll give it a chance and have a look.
“And I think they’ll all be pleasantly surprised by it.
“I just think it breathes new life into really well-loved characters.”
The Jane Austen Society



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4 responses to “Lost In Austen

  1. Katey

    I think this sounds really interesting and lots of fun. I’m a big Jane Austen fan (the books and the various TV and film adaptations). There’s many a time I’ve sat there watching P&P and wished I was suddenly at Pemberley with Mr Darcy and co!! I’ll be watching this with interest.

  2. ray collings

    what is the running time for this dvd?

  3. Ian Wylie

    Hi Ray – the DVD of this four-part TV series is due out on Sept 29. I guess it will run for something over three hours in total.

  4. Neil Proctor

    Surely this is some terrible, dumbed down, and humourless version of Jasper Fforde’s brilliant Eyre Affair starring Thursday Next?!

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