The Secret Millionaire

JAMES Benamor pretended to be filming a TV documentary in Moss Side about voluntary youth workers.
But he’s really a multi-millionaire said to be worth £77m.
The hard-nosed tycoon thought taking part in Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire would be just like any other business deal.
Identify the projects worthy of his cash and then hand it over.
Except it proved a lot more emotional than that.
“I’ve always wanted to be the best at whatever I do,” he says.
“But this experience has softened me a little bit.
“I realise that you can be the best at making a difference in one person’s life.
“And that’s really special.”

You can read more about tonight’s film in an MEN TV feature here.
The documentary includes a telling comparison by Ann Panks.
She and her husband opened up their home as a hostel for homeless teenage boys.
Still unaware of James’s real identity, Ann shows him one of her houseplants.
“This plant here is all spiky and prickly,” she explains.
“But if you look after it, this is what it does.”
Ann then holds up one of the flowers blooming on the plant.
“You would think, ‘That’s horrible. That’s going to hurt me that plant.’
“You’ve got to really understand it and put the right things into it.
“I think that’s like our lads, a lot of them.
“They’re all prickly, then they do something lovely like that.”
The Secret Millionaire is on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight.
Secret Millionaire In Moss Side