Good Morning Wimbledon

IT certainly is a good morning here at Wimbledon on the first day of the 122nd Championships.
The sun is shining, the covers are off and all is ready for play to begin at noon.
Thousands of people are in the queue outside – now moved away from the pavement and into Wimbledon Park.
My old friends the sniffer dogs are back searching the Press Centre and a police helicopter is hovering overhead.
Security is tighter than ever at The All England Club, with Wimbledon always a potential high profile target.
But with dry weather currently forecast until the end of the week, tennis is set to take centre stage after last year’s rain hit Grimbledon.

The international tennis press is focused today on Roger Federer, Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic, who all play on Centre Court.
While Her Majesty’s Press are looking for the first British losers and wondering how many female players will follow Maria Sharapova’s lead in the fashion stakes.
The 21-year-old Russian says she’s forsaking her usual dresses and will wear shorts.
Meanwhile the price of strawberries and cream has gone up from £2 to £2.25, the first increase since 2003.
Maria should be able to afford a punnet or two if she collects the Ladies’ Singles title.
Like the Men’s Singles prize, it nets the winner a cool £750,000.