The Myra Hindley Files

NOW, where was I…
Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been since last week.
Much of the time has been spent at The National Archives in Kew working on a special news project for the MEN.
There was quite a lot of preparation to do ahead of the release of Myra Hindley’s secret prison files a week ago today.
Some 600 previously confidential records relating to the Moors Murderer were “opened” for the first time at the Archives.
I’d already made two visits to the complex by the Thames in Surrey, obtaining a Reader’s Ticket and learning how the place worked.
Once the files were released, the pace was relentless – hence a blank blog.

Don Frame, Nicola Dowling and I filed dozens of stories, along with images from the files themselves.
You can read more and also check out a picture gallery and video reports via the links below.
Also check out The National Archives here.
The Myra Hindley Files
Picture Gallery

More Video
The National Archives