The Paranormal Channel: Yvette Fielding

IT’S almost 21 years ago now.
But I can still remember interviewing an excited teenager called Yvette Fielding when she landed a job as a Blue Peter presenter.
Today she and husband Karl Beattie launch The Paranormal Channel, having invested £1.1m of their own cash in the venture.
I spoke to Yvette about the new channel last week.
You can read more here.
The Most Haunted presenter also told me about the edition of Ghost Hunting With she filmed with Paul O’Grady in Sicily.
Due to be screened as an ITV2 Christmas special in December, they investigated the Capuchin Catacombs under Palermo.
It is home to the mummified remains of some 8,000 people.
“Paul and myself went down to the catacombs,” explained Yvette.

“I’ve never seen a dead body and they have bodies embalmed on walls, with babies in cots and prams.
“Paul and his friends were stood waiting for me to come out and I was in tears, just sobbing my heart out, because it was such a shock.
“And you know what Paul is like. He was saying, ‘I’m not having any of this. I’m going to go down there and find out what she’s been crying about.’
“Anyway, Paul came back up and he was in tears.
“Both of us were crying our eyes out, because we’d never seen anything so shocking.
“It was the children that got us.
“And then later on we both were so frightened because we were hearing these high-pitched whining noises, right in front of our faces.
“We did a Ouija Board in one of the embalming rooms, with bodies wrapped in plastic bags.
“That, for me, was possibly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done.
“And to see Paul crying like that will stick in my memory forever.”
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