Spooks: They’re Back

THE world is always a safer place when Spooks is being filmed.
I spent a day in and around The Grid this week as work progressed on series seven of the always gripping BBC1 spy drama.
A small group of us spoke to cast members, including Peter Firth and new arrival Richard Armitage.
We also interviewed Hermione Norris about her return to MI5 after faking the death of Ros Myers last year.
Cast and crew were busy filming episodes three and four, with the series due back on screen in the autumn.
It’s already been announced that Robin Hood and North and South star Richard plays MI5 officer Lucas North.
He’s spent the past eight years in a Russian prison – so was around before we first met Harry and his original team in May 2002.

I was at the press launch for that very first series, and interviewed cast members including Matthew Macfadyen (Tom) and Keeley Hawes (Zoe), who are now husband and wife.

Returning to 2008, it’s also no secret that Rupert Penry-Jones (Adam) leaves Spooks in the new series, possibly via an explosive exit.
There was a great deal to discuss on set with lots for fans to look forward to.
But due to the usual embargo on interviews, I can’t say anything further until nearer transmission.
The Official Secrets Act does, however, allow me to report that the lunchtime caramel apple tart and custard was up to the usual high standards of TV catering comfort food.
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