Robson Green: Clash Of The Santas

THE summer is almost here, so it must be time to film a Christmas TV special.
As first revealed in this blog last November, Robson Green and Mark Benton are reuniting for a film, now called Clash of the Santas.
The two-hour film, to be screened this Christmas, has just gone into production in Manchester, Lancashire and the Peak District.
It marks a welcome return north for Robson and Mark after Manchester filmed Northern Lights went south to become City Lights.
And it brings them full circle to the time of year which inspired their original comedy drama – Christmas Lights.
This festive adventure sees Colin, played by Robson, and Howie, played by Mark, heading to Lithuania to take part in a Santa convention.
Rochdale’s Nicola Stephenson also returns as Colin’s wife Jackie, waiting at home for her husband to make it back for Christmas Day with his children.
Sian Reeves co-stars as Pauline, Howie’s estranged wife, who is planning a French Christmas with new man Jean Luc.

As the sun streams down outside my window, you’ll be wanting to know the premise for this project.
Well, Howie has unexpectedly been asked to represent England in the annual Santa contest.
Colin, of course, thinks he would make a far better candidate, but ends up as a cheerleading elf.
Said an ITV spokeswoman: “Little does he know that all the other elves are girls and his elf skirt will leave nothing to the imagination.
“The essence of the story, in true Christmas style, is about the power of believing in Santa Claus.
“Will Howie become a true believer? Will Colin fulfil his Christmas destiny. And will they make it back to their families in time for Christmas Day?”
Ian Puleston-Davies, Edward Petherbridge and Emma Cunniffe also star.
Robson isn’t a fan of spending the festive season at home – he usually jets off to the sun.
But he says: “I’m so pleased Colin and Howie are returning for this Christmas special, particularly as the script is such a rip-roaring journey to Christmas – challenging everyone to believe in Santa.
“We’re going to have an absolute ball.”
Now…where’s that sun tan lotion…
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