Max Beesley Checks Out

HE’S back tonight in a new series of Hotel Babylon.
But off screen Max Beesley has already checked out of the five star establishment to seek a Hollywood role.
Perhaps I’m wrong, but there appeared to be a slight undercurrent when Max was talking about Hotel Babylon recently.
He was, rightly, upset when the BBC failed to re-commission Bodies.
As for Hotel Babylon, he told us: “I’ve done half of this new series and then I’ve left.
“I suspect it’ll probably get re-commissioned. Those type of shows do.
“Babylon has, without doubt, been good for me in the fact that we get such a huge audience base.
“It enables you to then go off and do other projects.

“I’m under no illusions. I’m certain that ITV wouldn’t have cast me in Talk To Me if I hadn’t done Babylon.
“It is also good to do shows that are quite light-hearted and fun. But the workload’s no lighter and the focus is no different.”
You can read about Max’s tap dancing lessons in today’s MEN feature interview here and check out the YouTube video that inspired him below.
But don’t expect the Burnage boy to pop up alongside Bruce Forsyth.
“No thanks. I watched Alec Guinness last night. I couldn’t imagine him on Strictly Come Dancing.”
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