The Last Enemy

WHO is watching you?
That’s one of the questions posed in new BBC1 thriller The Last Enemy, which began last night.
The series is set in a near future when virtually our every move, and possibly keystroke, can be monitored.
Benedict Cumberbatch stars as brilliant mathematician Stephen Ezard alongside Anamaria Marinca as the mysterious Yasim Anwar.
I met up with them recently – you can read Friday’s MEN TV feature here.
Anamaria became the first Romanian actress to win a BAFTA for her role as Elena in Channel 4’s Sex Traffic.
She is also the star of film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, which won the Palme d’Or earlier this year.
While we debate ID cards, CCTV, hi-tech surveillance and other issues, Anamaria’s parents experienced an earlier version of Big Brother.

That was under Romanian president Nicolae Ceausecu, the Communist party leader who was executed in 1989.

“It was more than just having to show their IDs,” she explained.
“They had to show their party card – they had to be part of the Communist party and they weren’t.
“That was a problem. Sometimes my father was asked to come to see party members and asked, again, to join the party. And he would say no.
“And we didn’t really know if he was going to come back home.
“We had secret police coming to our house and checking if we were still there and we hadn’t sold the furniture.
“So, in a way, I’ve experienced this totalitarian regime.”
Anamaria is now a famous face back home in Romania and has had to get used to another kind of surveillance.
“You don’t have your privacy any more and you are under a magnifying glass all the time.
“I don’t enjoy being observed. I love being anonymous.
“I’m the one that has to do the observing.”
As for who is watching The Last Enemy – some 4.2m viewers tuned in last night.
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