Ashes To Ashes: Where’s Annie?

WE know what’s happened to Sam Tyler.
Well, at least we think we know.
His fate – both in 2007 and in the years after 1973 – has already been discussed at length in this blog.
Whatever your view on Sam, played by John Simm, he is not in Ashes To Ashes.
And neither is DC Annie Cartwright, played by Liz White.
Annie and Sam’s relationship was one of the many delights of Life On Mars.
Some fans believe they would have gone on to marry and have little Sams and Annies of their own.
I caught up with Liz yesterday and asked her if production company Kudos had ever talked to her about Annie moving from Manchester to London.
“No. They didn’t have to, really,” she replied.
“I just knew that they couldn’t have spent all that time and energy – and spent people’s heartstrings – on Sam and Annie getting together, and then get them together, and then Annie turns up in Ashes To Ashes.

“That would really seem like it was quite a cynical exercise.
“Whereas I think the show did have legs in it.
And particularly Gene Hunt. People were just so taken with him him
“It’s a real shame to have lost John and Phil’s chemistry and dynamism.
“But I’m sure Keeley is great. It’s a different show.
“I saw a promo of it a couple of weeks ago, and it was great.
“And I did get a twinge.”
There’s always series two, I suggested.
“Yeah. Annie turns up pregnant,” laughed Liz.
“I could do a few dream sequences.”
She added: “I didn’t ever feel that it was my show.
“So when it was getting all the praise that it was getting, I didn’t feel that it was like a big pat on my back.
“But Life On Mars has certainly done me a lot of favours, I guess.
“Personally, it’s absolutely a thrill to have been part of something that’s so successful and got so many people watching television, and enthused about it.”
You can see Liz soon in new six-part ITV1 crime drama The Fixer – another Kudos production.
More on that another day.
You can read today’s MEN interview with Keeley Hawes here.
Ashes To Ashes begins on BBC1 at 9pm tonight.
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