Ashes To Ashes: “Everything Is Significant”

LESS than 24 hours to go now before Ashes To Ashes finally arrives on BBC1.
There’s an interview with Keeley Hawes in tomorrow’s MEN.
Update: The interview is here.
There’ll also be a special blog in the next day or two with Ashes producer Beth Willis.
Not to mention future stories from interviews with Dean Andrews (DS Ray Carling), Marshall Lancaster (DC Chris Skelton) and Montserrat Lombard (WPC Shaz Granger).
Plus an interview with costume designer Rosie Hackett.
Don’t forget to also check out all the previous material from Philip Glenister (DCI Gene Hunt), Keeley (DI Alex Drake) and co in recent blogs and features.
Fire up the links at the bottom of this blog for lots more.
I’m off to the launch of a new ITV drama series which co-stars Liz White – unforgettable as Annie in Life On Mars.

So while I’m away, here are just 10 more things to watch out for when episode one bursts on to the screen at 9pm tomorrow:
1. A figure on the edge of a rooftop.
2. A classified document.
3. Alex Drake’s words as she responds to a 2008 response call, later echoed by another character in 1981.
4. Who is villain Arthur Layton speaking to on his mobile phone?
5. The name of the boat Alex wakes up on.
6. The date on Gene Hunt’s computer.
7. Arthur Layton’s 1981 T-shirt.
8. A harmonic hairspray joke – see YouTube video link below.
9. A tender moment involving Shaz.
10. The classy closing 95 seconds.
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One response to “Ashes To Ashes: “Everything Is Significant”

  1. Rob Edwards

    Really enjoy reading your blogs.
    Can’t wait for A2A to begin tomorrow!
    I’m sure you know already but the DVD of series 1 is due for release on 12th May. (I was hoping it would be 31st March!).
    There’s a photo of Phil and Keeley on the HMV website against the product info that I haven’t seen anywhere before.

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