Coronation Street: Vicky Binns

WE’VE seen a lot less of Vicky Binns recently.
There are two main reasons for that:
1) Her Coronation Street character Molly Compton has been largely absent from our screens.
2) Vicky has shed two-and-a-half stone after filming a weight loss DVD.
There’s an interview with Vicky in today’s MEN Style section. The online version is here.
But, as ever, it wasn’t possible to include all of our chat.
For example, did Vicky have to ask Street producer Steve Frost for permission to change the look of baker’s daughter Molly?
“No, Corrie were fine with it. They’ve been really supportive about it all,” replied the Bury actress.

I also wondered if she had suffered from what co-star Alison King calls “soap bloat” – long hours on set where the temptation is to eat.
“You’re in the Green Room for too long, nibbling on things,” agreed Vicky.
“Hurry up and wait, someone called it the other day, which is exactly what it is, those waiting times. And there’s the canteen thing as well.”

As happens with all Corrie characters from time to time, Molly appeared to fall into the Red Rec Triangle for parts of 2007.
You know the sort of thing – someone vanishes for weeks or months at a time, before suddenly re-appearing in the Rovers.
Or they’re featured briefly in a scene concerning someone else and not seen again for a month of Sundays.
Recent victims include Kelly, Claire and Ashley, Jamie and even Ken and Deirdre, now returned to the fold.
But expect to see more of Molly in 2008, at least in terms of her Weatherfield storylines.
She’ll be involved in the aftermath of Vera’s death, which is screened on Friday Jan 18.
Vicky said she and screen partner Alan Halsall – mechanic Tyrone Dobbs – have nothing but praise for now departed actress Liz Dawn, who played Vera.
“We’ve worked with her quite a lot. In a way, it was nice to know that she was leaving for good because you can savour the time.
“We can’t drag her back now. I think it’s good for her to know that it’s an end.”
Then there’s the continuing storyline involving Jack and Vera’s grandson Paul (Tom Hudson).
“Paul has added a new dynamic and that triangle is going to be a constant.
“He’s always slightly redeemable, so there’s never quite a conclusion as to whether he’s bad or not, which is great. Just a constant intrigue.”
And there’s Mollys double act with Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) in the corner shop.
“We’re doing more of that, which is brilliant because Jimmi is just so easy to work with.
“His character is crackers. There’s no acting involved. You just look at him and think, ‘This man is supposed to be running seven shops?’”
As for that DVD…Vicky forgot to prepare her mum Pam for the cover shot, which features the actress in a tiny pair of silver hot pants.
“My mum said, ‘Oh my goodness, I thought you’d be in a track suit.’”
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ITV Coronation Street Site
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8 responses to “Coronation Street: Vicky Binns

  1. Marjorie Gilbert

    Just wonderered whether Vicky would be interested in being a Patron for a charity called Bury Cancer Support Centre. please contact me if interested. Many thanks in anticpation.

  2. Ian Wylie

    Marjorie – it might be better if you contacted Vicky by letter via ITV Granada at Quay Street in Manchester.

  3. tori cuss

    I just have to say how amazing vicky currently looks. She’s worked so so hard to achieve such an amazing goal. My question is tho, how long did it take her to lose the two and a half stone? as i am currently doing her video. It is working really well so far, i’ve lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks, and nearly 10 inches off my body. However, I would like to know how long it took vicky to lose that amazing two and a half stone? Thanks. Tori.

  4. Ian Wylie

    Tori – Vicky told me it took around five months from the day she started. Hope that helps.

  5. tori cuss

    Hi ian. thanks for that info. hopefully in 5 months, i’ll look as good as what she does! lol. Tori.

  6. Katherine

    I think Molly was really really pretty before when she had more curve – it suits her. She looks good now, for sure, and bravo for her hard work, but I hope she knows how goegeous she was before and that if her ‘set point’ is a little higher than her current weight, she STILL films really well and is beautiful.

  7. Rebecca Nokes

    I think she looks awful! Someone needs to get a reality check here! These so-called celebs all pee in the same pot and perpetuate the false notion of ‘perfection’. Vicky Binns is obviously daft enough to believe such garbage and now looks like a complete “empty-headed, emaciated clone” in the wise words of a certain JK Rowling. Nice to see she’s also cashing in with a fitness DVD – another multi-million pound con to oppress women! So sad that most women nowadays buy into this nonsense. I thank God that I’m disabled and have the intellect to resist the pressure of such media garbage!

  8. zoe

    I think that you are good. I love your show a lot.

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