Spooks 2008

QUITE an end of series cliffhanger for Spooks last night.
Well, the good news is that there will be a seventh series of the BBC1 spy drama.
I’m told filming is due to begin in the spring.
Did Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) kill Jo (Miranda Raison) just as they were about to be rescued?
The bad news is – we’ve got no idea at this stage whether Adam or Jo (pictured) will feature next year.
Nothing has yet been finalised in terms of actors’ contracts for Spooks 2008.
Rupert has been quoted as saying he might not be back, but could possibly return for a few episodes to play out Adam’s exit storyline.
And I assume last night’s final scene at least leaves open the option of a return for Miranda, should she want to continue in the role.

There’s also a question mark about Ros, played by Hermione Norris.

We saw Ros depart for a new life in episode eight of this series, after her death was faked.
But Hermione has been quoted as saying she plans to return to film Spooks next March.
Her exit featured a surprise single episode comeback for Anna Chancellor as Juliet Shaw (pictured).
I met up with Anna recently and asked her if Juliet might be back next year.
“I don’t know. They’re quite last minute, Spooks,” she replied.
“They might ring you up at the last minute – I got just a couple of weeks’ notice for that last episode.
“So they could ring me up and say come back.
“Or equally, they could not.”
When it comes to Spooks, nothing is quite as clear as you think.
But this is a particularly frustrating time for fans of one of the best shows on TV.
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  1. Yirmin Snipe

    One can only hope that Spooks goes back to the original format of a single episode standing on its own. The current story that goes on and on is a bit tiring and quite frankly toward the end I didn’t care much about what had happened earlier… I also found the show to be a bit preachy… Have liberal softies taken over the writing jobs? I think back to the first season where an agent is killed and the spooks end the show with them putting the guy that did it down… Now they seem more likely to take the bad guy alive and yammer endlessly about how torture is bad…. and please… stop going into the fairytale land of the US trying to kill a foreign president, that would have been believable if it were the Russians trying to kill someone, but sadly for the Americans the PC police have such a tight reign on the CIA that they wouldn’t be killing anyone…

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