What The Dickens: Toby Jones

VISIT a film set and you soon learn just how many people it takes to bring a TV drama to the screen.
The stars of the show get the headlines.
But most of them are keen to give credit to the unsung heroes behind the camera.
Actor Toby Jones gave a small taste of the teamwork involved at the launch of a new ITV1 adaptation of The Old Curiosity Shop.
He plays evil loan shark Daniel Quilp, alongside Sir Derek Jacobi, in the Boxing Day drama based on the classic Charles Dickens’ novel.
At one stage Quilp is trapped in icy water, a scene which Toby filmed himself.
“One of the great privileges of working on a film or a piece of telly is that you’re surrounded by remarkably practical people who, between a crew, could solve most problems you’d ever come across,” he said.
“Resourceful people who’ve been in a lot of situations.

“There’s a great thrill as an actor working on a film that you are in amongst that environment.

“It’s great to feel the team sense of a drama. So when you do a scene like that, you never feel in any danger at all.”
You may know Toby as Truman Capote in the film Infamous.
The son of actor Freddie Jones, he was also the voice of Dobby in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.
His many other film, TV and stage credits include The Play What I Wrote.
You can also see Toby as the Bursar in the new St Trinian’s film, which opens on Friday.
Is he worried about the reception it will get, bearing in mind the legacy of the original films?
“I think it’s an obvious anxiety. Those films were beloved, part of our culture.
“But when I read the script I was really struck by how successfully they had updated it.
“You look at the old ones and they had an innocence about them.
“But I’m sure they weren’t innocent when they came out.”
Next up for Toby is a new Oliver Stone film about the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, plus the big screen version of Frost/Nixon.
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