Coronation Street: The Joy Of Text?

CORONATION Street is, without doubt, the jewel in ITV’s crown.
So it would do well to treat Britain’s top soap with a bit of respect.
We’ve already discussed here how someone at the network needs to be taken out to the Red Rec and flogged with a copy of the Weatherfield Gazette.
Now some idiot at ITV has decided to further annoy millions of viewers.
Friday’s episode included a tender scene between Gail (Helen Worth) and her troubled son David (Jack P Shepherd).
She asked: “What’s wrong with you David?”
Opening his heart and asking for help, he replied: “I don’t know how to be happy. I don’t know what to do.”
To which Gail said: “I’ll always love you. I’m your mother, I can’t help it.”

A crucial, pivotal scene, beautifully acted.

So what do the clever folk at ITV do?
They ruin the moment by flashing up on screen:
“For show news and gossip text STREET to 83339 text cost 2 std msg”
I’d say it was absolutely unbelievable.
But TV bosses seem hell-bent on squeezing every penny they can out of Corrie.
Well, I’ve got some “show news and gossip” for them.
Mess with Coronation Street at your peril.
Don’t insult the programme – or us, the viewers.
Get rid of the on-screen messages.
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One response to “Coronation Street: The Joy Of Text?

  1. Paul Sheehan

    As annoying as that was, US television is full of these distractions. Most primetime shows are plastered with promos for the shows following – these can take the form of graphics that fill the bottom third of the screen during the show or squeezing the end credit sequence to one side while a promo runs on the other side.
    And don’t get me started on the constant barrage of commercial interruptions. I know the UK is considering upping the number of minutes of commercials per hour. In the US, the average primetime hour long program is now only 42 minutes in length!

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