X Factor: Our Gracie

SHARON Osbourne walked off and called it a pantomime.
But Mrs O has already said she’ll be back for the latest edition of The X Factor.
Choreographer and creative director Brian Friedman is under fire after last week’s over-produced first live studio final.
Sharon was right when she described it as “a bloody circus”.
Even so, some acts emerged with good comments from the judges.
That included girl band Hope – and Our Gracie.
I had another chat with Raquelle Gracie yesterday, just ahead of the first dress rehearsal for this Saturday’s show.

You can read more here in today’s MEN TV feature.
Each member of Hope gets just three tickets for every live show.

Raquelle’s mum, dad and seven-year-old brother Max were in the audience for the first show last Saturday.
Which meant her boyfriend Gregory has to watch on TV.
But he’ll be in the studio audience tomorrow.
“He’s French – from Paris – and we met in London,” Raquelle told me.
“He came over to London to study and he’s been very supportive throughout the whole two years.
“I’ve been through a rough time with the whole industry, really, and he’s been there the whole way.”
It’s been work, work, work for the finalists this week.
Hope did manage “a girly lunch” at Pizza Express and a visit to a few charity shops near The X Factor house in north London.
“We met some children in there who asked for our autographs and pictures, which is so insane.”
The acts don’t generally get to see their mentors until the Thursday of each week.
I asked Raquelle what Simon Cowell had said to Hope after last Saturday’s show.
“He just gave us a wink – his comment on the show was enough.”
And that business with Sharon?
“I hope she’s back on Saturday, for the sake of her acts.”
11am Friday update: The song choices for tomorrow’s show are in and here they are:
Hope: Lady Marmalade / Leon Jackson: Home / Daniel De Bourg: Build Me Up Buttercup / Alisha Bennett: I Say A Little Prayer / Same Difference: Breaking Free / Beverley Trotman: I Have Nothing / Rhydian Roberts: Phantom of the Opera / Emily Nakanda: I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman / Furtureproof: If You Don’t Know Me By Now / Andy Williams: Staying Alive / Niki Evans: My Heart Will Go On
It’s also been confirmed that Sharon will, of course, be returning.
An X Factor spokeswoman said: “We are pleased to confirm that Mrs Osbourne will be back and has been working with her two remaining acts, Alisha and Emily, all week, perfecting their performances for this Saturday night.”
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