Corrie: Bridezilla, Jason…and Todd

THE chocolate fountain that Sarah wanted was there, along with a nicely iced wedding cake.
Much to discuss at the press launch today of Coronation Street’s wedding of the year.
The hour long special will be screened on October 31 – Hallowe’en.
Will Sarah (Tina O’Brien) finally make Jason (Ryan Thomas) her husband?
Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.
Executive producer Kieran Roberts said: “In my six years of working on the programme, I don’t honestly think we’ve done a more powerful hour of Coronation Street.”
The online version of Friday’s MEN story – including a gallery of pics – is here with a TV feature to follow.

And there was also an interesting bit of chat about a possible permanent Weatherfield return for Bruno Langley.
He, of course, plays Jason’s gay brother Todd, recently back from London for the upcoming wedding.
Bruno has now finished filming his 12 episodes and was treated to yet another leaving party.
Kieran said: “We’ve been very impressed with Bruno’s performances and the writers will be coming up with ideas to bring Todd back.

“He’s a terrific actor and it would be great for the Grimshaws to have him back for good.”
Ryan said this afternoon: “We’re hoping they bring him back because he’s one person from the Grimshaws we miss very much.
“If they could bring Todd back, that would be fantastic. It makes so much sense.
“Coronation Street is all about families. That’s what people relate to.
“I’ve got two brothers who I’m very close with, and I want the same thing with Todd and Jason.
“Jason’s got past the whole gay thing. He’s not scared of it anymore. He’s had Sean to teach him the ropes, how to deal with that.
“He’s just enjoying his brother being back, so I’ve tried to keep that in there as much as possible – that I do love my brother and I do want him to stay and not have that distance between us.
“Hopefully this coming back has brought the Grimshaw brothers back together.
“We’ve just done our Grimshaw Family Album for ITV, talking about stuff that happened when me and Bruno first joined when we were 16.
“I’ve enjoyed doing my scenes with him – we’ve had a fantastic time.”
And Bruno’s latest leaving do?
“I don’t know if he can remember it,” laughed Ryan.
*I asked Tina about a recent report that claimed she and real life boyfriend Ryan had moved in together.
“No,” she replied.
“Ryan is squatting at mine at the moment but we’re not officially living together.”
Friday Oct 19 update: Just in case you might be confused by my colleague John Jeffay’s Exposure blog here, I used a stock pic on this page last night and replaced it with the wedding pic at 5am today, after the expiry of the embargo.
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