The Magic Roundabout

HE’S been kissed by Kylie and worked with other stars, including Robbie Williams.
Now Jimmy Hibbert is helping The Magic Roundabout turn once again.
Jimmy may not be a household name, but he’s certainly made his mark in the world of TV, film and music.
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Talk to anyone in TV and they’ll tell you there’s always one group of people unimpressed with what they do – their kids.
Jimmy has three daughters, now aged 23, 21 and 18.
His story is fairly typical:
“It’s taken for granted that that’s what I do,” he told me yesterday.

“They got quite excited when I was working with Robbie Williams.
“But I’m just dad to them.
“I did a thing for Cosgrove Hall called Truckers, a voice on it.
“There’s one point where these gnomes, who have been living in a department store, want to get out – and they hijack a lorry.
“They take a security guard very much by surprise.

“And he happens to be smoking a cigarette and drops it into some petrol and the whole department store goes up in smoke.
“So Cosgrove Hall asked me to play this security guard – live action.
“This was a few years ago, when my children were much younger.
“I was watching them, watching it – and I came on as a security guard.
“Then the credits came up and they didn’t seem to have noticed anything.
“So I said, ‘Did you enjoy that?’
“And they said, ‘Oh yes, we love Truckers.’
“So I said, ‘Did you see the security guard?’
“They said, ‘Yes.’
“I said, ‘Did you notice anything about him?’
“And they said, ‘Well, yes, he was wearing a cap and smoking a cigarette.’
“I said, ‘That was me!’
“And they said, ‘That was you? And you were smoking? Disgusting!”
“So they were not impressed.”
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