Heroes: Yatta!

THE brilliant Heroes – just like Life On Mars – doesn’t appear to be having much luck in awards ceremonies…so far.
One of the best American imports in recent years was snubbed at last night’s Emmy Awards.
It’s particularly puzzling that actor Masi Oka, who plays Hiro “Yatta!” Nakamura, missed out in the Supporting Actor category.
His performance as the teleporting Japanese comic book fan has been one of the TV joys of the year.
I trust Hiro will at some stage simply bend time and space to hand Masi the Emmy.
But who needs awards when we’ve still got so much to look forward to?
Series two of Heroes begins on NBC in America next Monday.
UK viewers are still some way behind.

Episode 10 of 23 in the first series screens on BBC2 at 9pm this Wednesday.
It’s the one where we see the Heroes six months back in time

That’s followed over on BBC3 by episodes 11 and 12 – if you can’t wait until next week to see the double bill.
Episode 12 – Godsend – marks the first appearance of Salford’s Christopher Eccleston as Claude.
Claude has the power of invisibility and becomes a father figure to Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia).
And the good news is that the former Doctor Who star sticks around for more episodes and even flies with Peter.
Many UK fans, through various means, have already seen all of the first series, which concluded in America earlier this year.
They, like millions of others around the globe, have been hooked by characters like Hiro, cheerleader Claire, artist Isaac, cop Matt, single mother Niki, politician Nathan and high-flyer Peter.
Series one is not out on DVD here (Region 2: UK and Europe) until Dec 10.
But if you have a multi-region player that can handle Region 2 (North America and Canada) DVDs, then copies of season one are readily available on the web.

Mark Wilson at About.com had predicted a lack of recognition for Heroes and other “sci-fi” shows at the Emmys.
You can read his reaction to last night’s events here.
Also check out the NBC site below to see some of the hysteria generated by members of the cast on their recent “world tour”.
The Singapore video is particularly instructive.
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