Parkinson: The End

THE end of an era approaches.
Michael Parkinson begins his last ever chat show series on ITV1 tomorrow night.
He says his style of show has maybe had its day.
And looking at ITV’s scheduling so far for Parky’s farewell, you can see his point.
Do you remember the fuss back in April 2004 when Michael announced his shock transfer from BBC1 to ITV?
He protested that he didn’t want to leave, but the BBC had won back football rights and revived Match of the Day.
Speaking then, he explained: “Effectively my spot had gone – when they bought the Premiership, they sold my playing field.”
Parky – who began his TV career as a reporter with Granada in Manchester – said he moved to ITV because he wanted a 10pm Saturday night slot.
“I had a choice – either retire and walk away or go elsewhere.

“My view has always been it’s a talk show, and talk shows belong at 10pm.”
So after much fanfare about this final series, how have ITV1 bosses scheduled Michael’s first two shows in this 2007 farewell series?
Tomorrow’s – featuring Sir David Frost, Michael Palin, Dame Diana Rigg and Annie Lennox – starts at 10.35pm.
Next week’s second show has an equally attractive line-up, including former Shameless star James McAvoy, Billie Piper and Jennifer Lopez.
But it doesn’t begin until 11.20pm.
Is this any way to treat a TV legend in his farewell series?
No doubt later programmes in the 12-part run will appear at a more sensible hour.
It was revealed today that show 10 will feature music greats, while programme 11 will be his final talk show.
Show 12 – the last ever – will feature Michael looking back at his favourite moments
Parky Makes Shock Switch To ITV