Martin Clunes Takes A Break

DOC Martin star Martin Clunes plans to take a break from acting.
He made the announcement at a press launch this afternoon for a new series of the award-winning ITV1 series.
Having filmed some nine hours of drama this year, Martin told us it was time for him to retreat to the other side of the camera.
“I’m always worrying whether people will get sick of me,” he confessed.
“I’m not sick of myself but I’d hate to be in that position because I do love what I do.”
The former man behaving badly returns later this month in seven new episodes of the Cornish comedy drama.
Martin, who plays grumpy Dr Martin Ellingham, said Doc Martin would also be rested next year.

“ITV haven’t commissioned it. They want to wait and see how it does, which leaves us not time, actually, to write a series for next year.
“But that’s how things are these days.”
He added: “I don’t want to do it next year. I’d quite like to take a break.
“I no way don’t want to play the doc again. But I’d like to take a break from it for a year – grow my hair.
“I’d quite like to take a break from acting, actually.”
Recently seen in New Zealand-filmed The Man Who Lost His Head, Martin has also starred in a long line of TV dramas, including Losing It and William and Mary.
“The trouble with being successful is you get to do too much, maybe.
“You need a bit of hunger in there, perhaps.”
His next project is a documentary co-production with ITV Granada called The History of Dogs.
“We are also doing a book to accompany the documentary, and I am hoping to take the photos for it.”