Martin Clunes Takes A Break

DOC Martin star Martin Clunes plans to take a break from acting.
He made the announcement at a press launch this afternoon for a new series of the award-winning ITV1 series.
Having filmed some nine hours of drama this year, Martin told us it was time for him to retreat to the other side of the camera.
“I’m always worrying whether people will get sick of me,” he confessed.
“I’m not sick of myself but I’d hate to be in that position because I do love what I do.”
The former man behaving badly returns later this month in seven new episodes of the Cornish comedy drama.
Martin, who plays grumpy Dr Martin Ellingham, said Doc Martin would also be rested next year.

“ITV haven’t commissioned it. They want to wait and see how it does, which leaves us not time, actually, to write a series for next year.
“But that’s how things are these days.”
He added: “I don’t want to do it next year. I’d quite like to take a break.
“I no way don’t want to play the doc again. But I’d like to take a break from it for a year – grow my hair.
“I’d quite like to take a break from acting, actually.”
Recently seen in New Zealand-filmed The Man Who Lost His Head, Martin has also starred in a long line of TV dramas, including Losing It and William and Mary.
“The trouble with being successful is you get to do too much, maybe.
“You need a bit of hunger in there, perhaps.”
His next project is a documentary co-production with ITV Granada called The History of Dogs.
“We are also doing a book to accompany the documentary, and I am hoping to take the photos for it.”



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21 responses to “Martin Clunes Takes A Break

  1. Marie McMahon

    Does Martin know that Annie Piers has died. Annie was my sister.
    Marie McMahon

  2. Margaret Harrison-Marks

    Did you know that I have just started a petition on the Downing asking that Martin be recommended for a knighthood?
    Please vote everyone.

  3. Mavis & Mike

    We’ve just started watching Doc Martin in this past year here in Canada and tonight we saw one early one that we had missed. We look forward to seeing it on TV on Sunday evenings and now on Wed night on Vision TV. You can’t stop. We love the dog, weird Elaine, and the love hate relationship that goes on between Doc Martin and the school teacher. Please Martin we’re not tired of you yet.

  4. Catherine Patrick

    My friend and I can’t wait for Wed. evening to see Doc Martin on Vision tv. It is so entertaining. Hopefully, it goes on for a long, long time.

  5. Pauline P

    I love the character of Doc Martin – really he represents a large portion of the population. Acted out brilliantly, Martin Clunes has become a favourite and a highlight of my week. (I’m too old for this stuff!). The cast for Doc Martin is wonderful and the writing for the show is superb. You British really know how to capture hearts. Bravo and well done!

  6. paul

    For God’s sake keep it going. It’s one of the few shows on TV worth watching.

  7. hendrika tomkins

    I love watching doc martin series 1& 2 but I did not like the series 3 end.Will there be a series 4. I think Martin and Louisa should end up together.

  8. christine braithwaite

    i have got all of the doc martin series. martin was in a interview on richard & judy and he mentioned that he has a doc martin dvd out. is this different from series 1/2/3

  9. Bobbie

    What a greaty show. PLEASE make some more .nothing else worth watching on TV.

  10. Anne Wilkinson

    Fantastic show ! Martin Clunes has enormous ability, and it shows, from the persona,the attitude, and the discordant blending of Dr Ellingham’s character with the rest of the townsfolk. Beautifully scripted, acted and directed, Doc Martin is an absolute pleasure. But for God’s sake Martin, Sandalwood doesn’t smell like that !?

  11. Sallie

    We have just watch ‘The Wedding’ episode – how sad – please let there be another series. What will happen to our Saturday evening viewing now?Louisa and Martin are misfits made for each other – yin and yang

  12. Denise Comerford

    I have really enjoyed Doc Martin. Hope Series 4 is not too far away. Saturday nights in Australia will be awfully boring now. Would like to have seen Martin & Louisa married because there would be lots more story lines.

  13. Gillian

    omg! there has to be another series of Doc Martin! honestly we r not sick of u Martin, i have only just turned 19 and i have been watching it since it started and have series 1-3 on dvd, it has a huge audiance of all ages and should carry on!

  14. jeanette

    Have watched every series,great entertainment.We need some redemption for Doc Martin.Series 3 ended on a very sad note.
    We Australian viewers look forward to Series 4.

  15. Wendy Robson

    Australia just loved Doc Martin. It’s awful that he is not on on Saturday nights! I have had to buy all of the videos and I just watch them over and over and I get something new out of them each time I watch it.
    British and Australian sense of humour are very similar.
    We are coming over to Europe next year and Port Isaac will be one of our first ports of call.It is such a lovely series! Please keep it going.

  16. maralyn Brown

    You know Doc Martin is probably the only tv programme I truly can’t miss. That and martins dog documentary. As a result of Doc Martin I shall now be joining my daughter to spend the rest of my life in this very beautiful part of England. Way to go Martin keep it going ……..

  17. sheila beeby

    Loved Martin with his dogs. I would like to send him a copy of my book about 2 labradors which I think he will enjoy – giving that Stanley is the son he never had!! Address for posting much appreciated.

  18. Ian Wylie

    Hi Sheila – you can write to Martin c/o:
    Independent Talent Group
    Oxford House
    76 Oxford Street
    London W1D 1BS

  19. Danielle

    There are a few things in life NO one will ever get sick of: Fine wine, chocolate, sex, and Martin Clunes. Doc Martin, Dog Martin, whatever. Just more please.

  20. jacqui

    please let me know if there will be a 4th series of Doc Martin I love the whole crew of actors it is my favourite tv show of all time.I have all the DVD’S and have watched them over many dozens of times and never tire of them. I have had a difficult time lately in personal life and Doc Martin is the only show to take my mind off my problems and to a better place Thankyou for such a great show.

  21. Ian Wylie

    Martin is currently filming the fourth series of Doc Martin.

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