DO you think they’re doing it on purpose to wind us all up?
Trudy and her lights now appear to be a permanent fixture ahead of every episode of Coronation Street.
She was there again last night, complete with the annoying shouting director.
With Cadbury’s sponsorship of Corrie due to end in October, perhaps someone thinks constantly running the “Trudy lights!” ident is funny.
Well, it’s not.
Does no-one at ITV care about irritating millions of viewers?
Or having taken the sponsorship cash, do they not have a say?

I can forgive Cadbury for advertising Crème Eggs on Boxing Day and even the odd salmonella scare.
But their lame, pedestrian promotion films around the Street have been an insult to viewers.
Far from persuading me to buy their products, it’s put me off them for life.
*I’m taking a few days off to seek alternative chocolate supplies. Back next week.