Fairy Tales

THE schools have barely broken up and most of us are still looking forward to a summer holiday.
So what do the TV companies do? They launch their autumn highlights.
Yesterday it was the turn of BBC1, before all the telly execs head for three weeks in Tuscany, or wherever it is they park their caravans.
The new season includes an already announced modern anthology of fairy tales.
Eccles-raised Debbie Horsfield (that’s her on the left) told me earlier this year that she was writing one of them – The Empress’s New Clothes.
Now the casting has been confirmed.
Denise Van Outen will take the lead as the Empress in the comedy drama, which will also star Life On Mars actress Liz White.

Adapted by True Dare Kiss and Cutting It author Debbie, the new take on the story features Denise as Michaela, star of top TV soap Empire State.
She is determined to outshine her co-star and arch rival Shekeelia at the Silver Sphere Awards, highlight of the soap calendar.
Liz plays Shannon, the wife of a chef at Michaela’s local bar Amber’s.
“When Shannon spots Shekeelia sneaking into the new designer clothes shop opposite Amber’s, she dutifully informs Michaela, who vows to out-dress her rival at the awards and make it onto the front pages of the tabloid newspapers,” said a BBC spokesperson.

Other fairy tales featured are:
Billy Goat: The story of a boy band (pictured) seeking pastures new, starring Paul Nicholls, Mathew Horne, Nick Mohammed, Bernard Hill and Sarah Smart.
Cinderella: Set inside a university, with James Nesbitt as Professor Prince and Maxine Peake as cleaner Cindy.
Rapunzel: The story of a failing male tennis player who dresses as a woman to try and win a Grand Slam final. But then he falls in love with the reigning champion.
The Emperor’s New Clothes
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