Wimbledon Ring Of Concrete

DAWN today revealed a ring of concrete around Wimbledon.
As reported in last night’s blog, security has been increased in a bid to thwart a possible car bomb attack on the grounds.
Dozens of concrete blocks are now in place around the site, including main vehicle gates.
Extra police were on duty with spectators warned to expect even more intense security checks.
While there is not thought to be any specific threat to the Championships, the All England Club is regarded as a vulnerable target.
Surrounded by public roads, in some areas the crowds watching tennis are just metres away from perimeter walls.
Supt Pete Dobson is the officer in overall charge of policing at the 2007 Championships.

He said: “Security at the All England Lawn Tennis Club for the Wimbledon tennis championships has been increased following the recent events in London and Glasgow.

“Some disruption may be experienced and police are asking wherever possible, that visitors attending use public transport rather than private cars, unless you have already obtained accredited parking.
“There will be some additional high visibility policing together with some increased physical protection measures.
“These protection measures will include the use of concrete blockers to protect entry / exit points.
“These are designed to provide reassurance to the public and have been introduced as part of our contingency plans for an increased threat level.
“The safety of the public remains our top priority.”
Anti-Car Bomb Measures At Wimbledon
Wimbledon Security Increased


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