Anti-Car Bomb Measures At Wimbledon

A sign of the times tonight with further increased security measures at Wimbledon.
In a statement issued at 7pm, the All England Club announced it is taking extra steps to enhance security at the 2007 Championships.
Vehicle blockers will be installed at the gates to the club “with immediate effect”.
The statement explained: “The move comes on the advice of the police following recent events in London and Glasgow.”
Chief executive Ian Ritchie said: “As a result of recent events in London and Glasgow, and further to our own discussions with the police and other authorities, as well as taking into consideration the generally higher security alert level in London and across the country, we have been advised by the police to adopt extra security measures to protect the areas at most risk.

“We will therefore be installing vehicle blockers at gates to the club with immediate effect.
”As some of the wider gates are used to let in ticket holders, these barriers and the vigilant searching at all entrances to the car parks and grounds are invevitably going to make it slower for spectators to park and get into the grounds.
“To try and minimise any delay, we urge everyone coming to the event to allow more time for their journey.
“The safety and security of all those who attend the Championships, in whatever capacity, is of paramount importance to us and I am sure everyone will understand why these sensible precautions are necessary.”
Wimbledon Security Increased