Heartbeat: White Wedding

THEY used to call it flaming June.
Now it appears to be the month of torrential downpours.
This Sunday it gets even stranger with a white wedding.
Not unusual in June – but this one comes complete with real snow.
The long-awaited Heartbeat wedding of Gina Ward and Phil Bellamy was actually filmed in January.
And Cheshire-based actress Tricia Penrose, who plays Gina, says both she and co-star Phil Jordon were freezing.
“It was awful for me in terms of my costume, because I had a long cape over my dress which did get a bit wet and muddy.

“It certainly took a beating, which was quite upsetting.
“Because I was just so cold, it was hard to think of anything being funny.”
Not that you’ll see any of the behind the scenes drama when the wedding is screened on ITV1 at 8pm.
You can read more here.
Heartbeat: The Real News



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2 responses to “Heartbeat: White Wedding

  1. Lynne Rawlings

    Please can you tell me if the heartbeat wedding, (the dream that you dream). is on dvd or video, Mum taped over my homemade tape so I’m desperate!
    I’ve been to Aidensfield twice so I am a really devoted fan!

  2. Ian Wylie

    Lynne – sorry to say that it isn’t available on DVD or video. ITV tend not to release Heartbeat on either format, preferring instead to repeat earlier series from time to time on weekday afternoons. You might like to search eBay to see if anyone has a copy there.

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