Coronation Street: The Future

COULD the Coronation Street cobbles be moved?
That’s one of the questions I posed in an interview with ITV Granada managing director Susan Woodward.
“You could move it, pick it up, do it somewhere else,” she said.
“It could look the same, feel the same, taste the same and probably work the same. But it’s a big decision to make.”
That decision – expected this summer – is about the future of ITV Granada’s 24 acre Quay Street site in Manchester.
One option is to stay put on a redeveloped site.
The other is to move to Media City in Salford.
You can read more in last Friday’s Pg 9 MEN feature – the online version is here.
Susan also told me: “Coronation Street is an extraordinary creative factory. They always want to expand the boundaries.

“Years ago Corrie was shot on the back lot with some wibbly-wobbly sets in studios in the main building. It’s moved on so much. You could move the Street and re-build it.”
But she stressed that a great deal of work has gone into examining the option of keeping both Granada and Coronation Street on a revamped Quay Street location.
Three companies have been shortlisted for the potential redevelopment of the site.
It’s an important moment for both Granada – now the only surviving ITV licence from the original round of franchises awarded in 1954 – Manchester, Salford and the rest of the region.
The final decision will be taken by the ITV PLC Board and its executive chairman Michael Grade, having received the recommendation of the team looking at both options.
Could Corrie really be moved? What do you think?
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