Talk To Me: Max Beesley

“AND remember, after dark…anything goes.”
That’s a line from radio DJ Mitch Moore in an impressive new ITV1 drama called Talk To Me.
Mitch is played by Burnage-born Max Beesley, who talked about his latest role at the London press launch yesterday.
With a story including sex, nudity and Max’s bare bum, the tabloids were hovering and ready to pounce.
There’s an all too predictable “Beesley is getting sleazy” headline in The Sun today.
Knowing the sort of instant coverage which might result from the launch, I wrote a story for today’s MEN – you can read the online version here.
Hopefully, it puts the four-part series in a little more context – the first feature on the drama will run nearer to transmission.
Max told us how he shadowed Radio One DJ Chris Moyles before filming his role as the After Dark host and how regular trips to the gym were now part of the job for leading men.

I also chatted at the launch to Heaton Moor-based Talk To Me writer Danny Brocklehurst, a former journalist who used to work for, among others, City Life and the MEN.
His previous credits include Clocking Off, Stretford Wives, Shameless and Sorted, disappointingly axed by BBC1 after the first series, despite attracting some five million viewers.
Anything written by Danny is worth watching – and I’d recommend you check out his new drama when it starts on ITV1 next month.
*The cast of Talk To Me includes Adrian Bower, currently co-starring with John Simm in the stage play Elling, which I wrote about here.
He plays Scott, a computer technician more interested in sites like – “it’s squirrels stuck in amusing places around the world” – than his teacher wife Kelly (Kate Ashfield).
Kelly remarks: “If I want attention these days, I have to dress up as a laptop.”
And yes, I have checked. Very sadly, doesn’t exist…yet.