Bring Back Dallas

JUSTIN Lee Collins describes it as “the greatest primetime drama in TV history”. You won’t find any argument from me.
Dallas created classic characters like ruthless oil baron JR Ewing (Larry Hagman) and his alcoholic wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray).
If you were a fan, you won’t forget JR telling Sue Ellen in his Texan drawl: “You’re a drunk and an unfit mother.”
You also won’t want to miss Bring Back Dallas, the latest plain daft adventure involving comedy star and presenter Justin.
Screened on Channel 4 at 9pm this Sunday, you can read all about it in yesterday’s MEN TV feature here.
The feature length film sees Justin up to his old tricks of ambushing cast members to take part – with an invite also on offer to his Oil Barons’ Ball.
A lot of it is, of course, total nonsense. At times you also wonder whether a simple phone call would have achieved the same result.
But then it wouldn’t have been half as much fun to watch.

Justin reveals Linda Gray to be a thoroughly good sport, while Larry Hagman is simply a TV living legend.
Other encounters are equally revealing, especially when he bursts in on actress Charlene Tilton in a state of undress at a Hollywood spa.
Charlene played Lucy “Poison Dwarf” Ewing in the show, which ran for 13 series from 1979.
The look on her face as Justin offers to strip to join her is an absolute picture.
But Charlene still agrees to be interviewed…once she’s put some clothes on.
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