Corrie’s Styal Counsel

THERE are many reasons why Coronation Street is Britain’s No 1 soap.
One of them is Simon Gregson.
He’s put in thousands of screen hours over the years as Steve McDonald.
And yet his on screen performance remains as fresh as the day he started.
In the week of the high profile Tracy trial verdict, Friday’s episode – written by Jan McVerry – featured some classic lines.
Steve had already come up with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it quip about the late, great Cozy Powell at Vernon’s expense.
But the best was still to come.
First came the entrance of grandma Liz into the Rovers with Steve and Tracy’s young daughter Amy (Amber Chadwick), who was clutching a double sherbet dip.

Leaning on the till by the optics, single father Steve confided in barmaid Michelle about his fears for Amy – with her mum Tracy banged up for at least the next 15 years.
”All I ever wanted was for her to turn out like a normal kid,” he sighed.
“Imagine her going to her mates for her tea?
“So what do your mum and dad do?”
Adopting a child’s high-pitched voice, he answered for Amy: “Well, me dad runs a pub and me mum runs the wing in Styal Women’s Prison.”
And then there’s the never quite started romance between Steve and Michelle, played by Kym Ryder.
The former Hear’Say singer impressed from the start of her full time stint in Weatherfield.
But as her confidence has grown, she’s been an absolute revelation in the role, with Michelle on course to become a classic Corrie character.
As for that romance? My money’s on a Christmas wedding. How about you?
*Actress Kate Ford makes her final appearance as Tracy Barlow in tonight’s episode on ITV1 at 7.30pm.
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2 responses to “Corrie’s Styal Counsel

  1. Paul Sheehan

    Simon Gregson is indeed one of the unsung heroes of the Street. He manages to play both broad comedy (the golf games) and quiet drama (those moments with Amy as he tells her mommy has been naughty) with seemingly equal ease.
    The chemistry he has with a wide range of actresses is nothing short of remarkable. With his puppy dog eyes, he seems to be able to win over (almost) every woman on the Street. Only Emily is safe from his charms.

  2. He is wonderful, I agree. We had a Steve McDonald Appreciation Day on Corrieblog a while back, it generated rather a lot of comments!

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