Not So Oar-some

JUST back from the finish of the Boat Race, where the contrast between winning and losing is never more stark.
I was in the boathouse at Chiswick where the two crews arrive on shore to be met by family, friends and supporters.
You didn’t need to watch the race to know who had won – the looks on the faces of the Oxford and Cambridge crews told their own story.
Cambridge claimed their first victory since 2004. The celebrations were just getting underway as I left.
They’ve covered themselves in glory, something that, sadly, ITV failed to do with their live broadcast.
Having now had a chance to watch a recording of the race, questions will surely be asked about how they managed to miss the start.

It was just a split second error, but the sort of thing to give a TV director nightmares.
You can, perhaps, forgive ITV the fact that pictures were lost twice during the race itself – again, just for split seconds.
They have a tough job in trying to attract viewers to a minority sport and an event where the same two teams battle for the prize every year.
But did we really need some of the information displayed on screen during the race, including an animated rower – when the real thing was right in front of us?
And after that unfortunate start, it was a shame we also missed the actual moment of splashdown after Light Blues cox Rebecca Dowbiggin was thrown into the Thames following the Cambridge win.
Still, as one supporter rather unwisely said to the grim-faced Oxford crew: “There’s always next year.”
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