Shameless Return

THERE’S light at the end of the tunnel for viewers turned off by the glut of New Year reality TV.
Tonight at 8.30pm sees the first clash of all three reality shows, with BBC1’s Just The Two Of Us up against Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother and the launch of ITV1’s Manchester-based Soapstar Superstar.
Good news for fans of reality telly armed with recording machines. Not so good for everyone else.
But no need to despair. There’s a wide range of new series waiting in the wings – many of which will feature on the TV feature pages of the MEN.
One of the first is Shameless, which returns for a long awaited fourth series on Channel 4 at 10pm next Tuesday.

Some are worried about the impact of cast departures. Maxine Peake and Dean Lennox Kelly, who play neighbours Veronica and Kev, have all but left when the new series begins.
And Maggie O’Neill, who plays Sheila, also departs during the course of the new run.

To compensate, there’s a return for Frank’s legal wife Monica (Anabelle Apsion) and her lorry driver girlfriend Norma (Dystin Johnson).
There’s also an expanded role in the series for the Maguires, including new face Aaron McCusker as Jamie Maguire, newly released from prison.
Salford actress Rebecca Atkinson, better known as temptress Karen (pictured right), says fans have no need to worry.
“As you’ll see when the series comes out, the show’s expanded again, and there’s an influx of younger people coming in, like the Maguires.”
There are eight episodes in total, with plans for at least two more series if Channel 4 bosses give the go ahead.
Digital viewers don’t have to wait a week to catch the second episode in this new series. It follows on E4 at 11.05pm on Tuesday.
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5 responses to “Shameless Return

  1. jodie

    jamie merguire is soooooooooo fit !!!

  2. terri wood

    jamie magurie is well fit he suits karen in real life. If i was the same age has him i would go out with him.

  3. Joanne

    Aaron McCusker (Jamie Maguire) IS GORGEOUS!!! and im lucky enough to be goin out with a lad who looks exactly the same, but he will never be as good as the real jamie!!! love from joanne xxx

  4. emily

    OMG jamie is fit…when is shameless next on? i cnt w8.

  5. hayley

    jamie jamie! yummy i hate karen from shameless she aint gud enuf for such a fine sexy man!he culd have anyone ! stay gorgous mwahxx

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