Shameless 2007

LIFE continues as normal on the Chatsworth estate in the New Year.
The new series of Shameless is set to begin on Channel 4 in January, but there will be some changes.
Residents of Manchester’s most notorious estate have two new cops to contend with when smart and sexy Carrie (Amanda Ryan) and Tom (Michael Legge) arrive.
TV bosses revealed details of the 2007 series when Channel 4 launched its winter season of programmes yesterday.

The Gallaghers have teamed up with local gangster family the Maguires.
After a stint in prison, Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) returns and sparks fly with barmaid Karen (Rebecca Atkinson).
Then there are Jamie’s brothers – not-so bright Shane (Nicky Evans) and Micky Maguire (Ciaran Griffiths), a wannabe hard man struggling with his own secrets.
Back at the Gallaghers’, Frank (David Threlfall) is sent into a spin when mum Monica (Annabelle Apsion) turns up, claiming to be back for good.
Surely the house isn’t big enough for her and Sheila (Maggie O’Neill)?
Lip (Jody Latham) is juggling with parenting, and Ian (Gerard Kearns) is looking for love.
Carl’s (Elliott Tittensor) busy on a secret crime spree, while Debbie (Rebecca Ryan) decides to interview potential boyfriends.
Carol (Marjorie Yates) is still having trouble keeping her mouth shut, while Kash (Chris Bisson) is happy screwing the council.
And what is the connection between Kev, Veronica, Marty, Sue and a Romanian baby?
*Shameless actor Gerard Kearns also stars in controversial new C4 drama The Mark Of Cain about a group of young soldiers in Iraq.
He plays an 18-year-old private serving on his first tour of duty in Basra in 2003, who later returns home with trophy photos of Iraqi detainees which provoke extreme reactions.
Feb 19 2007 update: Due to popular demand (see comments below), here’s a pic of Aaron McCusker as Jamie Maguire:

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73 responses to “Shameless 2007

  1. danielle seed

    i can’t wait for shamless its
    so good

  2. adam

    Is Fiona coming back in series 4 cos she’s the best. She makes the show, and kev and veroica can’t leave surely.

  3. Ian Wylie

    Adam – Fiona isn’t coming back, and Kev and Veronica have already left when the new series begins.

  4. Chris

    is fiona coming back in series 4 along with steve and are kev and veronica not in it at all ??

  5. Ian Wylie

    Chris – there are no plans for Fiona to come back and Kev and Veronica have now left the series. Also no plans at the moment for them to come back.

  6. Helen

    I can’t believe Kev and Veronica have left for good……It’s not the same. I doubt if I’ll watch it from now on, especially if Sheila goes aswell…..what have they done to the show!

  7. ian

    God damn, it seems like this show is losing all its best characters…

  8. ceejay

    Shamelesss has to be the best programme on air at the moment – does anyone know if there is to be a series 5?

  9. Kel

    Is there any reference to Fiona’s baby in this series as it seemed to have been forgotten in series 3 – and will craig make a re-appearance at any news?

  10. Pamela

    I can’t believe how gorgeous Jamie Maguire is though – but I can;t find any pics of him online!! AAAGGHHH!

  11. Louisa

    Hi Aaron (sos, Jamie Mcguire!!)
    Remember me? I went to your aftershow party in Sheffield 2 years ago and met up with your pal from ‘Bad Girls’? Just to say, Keep up with the gud work on the series. You’re doing great!

  12. emma

    kel- you’re soooo right he is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t find any either but if you do let me know.

  13. Alphonsus

    Ian is the best character in the show by far!!!

  14. Jessica Miller

    Aaron McCusker is gorgeous!!!
    Shameless has defo improved wiv him on the show! 🙂 🙂

  15. killbill

    OH MY GOD! How sexy is Aaron McCusker? Aren’t there any pictures of him about? If i cant have the real thing a good old picture is the next best thing. Please put some on soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. sian

    hey omg im soo excited for shameless it is soo gud erm…carl is the best aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:) im soo excited i knt stop moving !!!!!!!!! kis kis kis xx xx xx xx byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz

  17. Lou

    Aaron McCusker is this fittest guy in the world!!!

  18. Kirsty

    Aaron McCusker is GORGEOUS!!
    When is there going to be pictures of him.
    If i cant have him then i will need a picture please put them on soon

  19. sarah

    Aaron McCusker is gorgeous. Please put some pictures on the site. I can’t find any.

  20. kayleigh

    Omg aaron mccusker is sooooo sexy. Can’t stop looking at him lol. n e ways, is shameless coming back for series 5? I hoope so. dnt no wot i would do without it. Me n all me mates love it! Keep making it please.

  21. ..CHARLOTTE..

    is there going to be a series 5 of shamesless??? i relle want ther 2 be i cnt get enuf of carl :P:P he is fit haha i need 2 find out!!

  22. Ian Wylie

    Charlotte – series 5 begins filming later this year.

  23. Westie

    So we will have to wait until this time next year for series 5? noooooooo. Cant believe it finishes on Tuesday! They need to extend the series! Are repeats shown at any time??

  24. louise

    can you tell me if there is going to be a new series of shameless and when as im a big big fan of the series.after watching the last episode on tuesday on e4 im now gettin withdrawl symtoms cause im going to miss that sexy hunk aaron mccusker.

  25. Ian Wylie

    Westie – the scheduling of the next series, when it’s made, is up to Channel 4. But I understand the new series will be extended with more episodes. Repeats tend to turn up later in the year of original transmission.
    Louise – see the reply I made to Charlotte on Feb 21.

  26. Westie

    Yes, I also watched next weeks episode on E4… and cannot wait to get another chance this Tuesday… Thanks for the reply re: repeats, ill have to keep my eyes open, hopefully they wont take too long and guessing they will be shown on E4…

  27. Rachel

    OMG!! i cant wait for the new series! Shameless is the best show on telly!!! and omg aaron mccusker is hot!

  28. chloe

    omg Aaron McCusker as Jamie Maguire is sooo fit he makes the show! plz plz plz can u send me a picture of him??

  29. Ian Wylie

    Sorry Chloe, the photos belong to Channel 4 and I am not allowed to distribute them.

  30. lottie

    he is so cute

  31. lucy

    I hope there is a shameless 2008 or i hope it comes back on cuz i love it. My life is shameless sooooo plz put it bk on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. Ian Wylie

    Lucy – the new series of Shameless, probably to be screened early next year, will be 16 episodes long, with another series also planned after that. All filmed on a new purpose built set, enabling more eps to be made.

  33. tasha s

    plz put more piks on of Aaron hes so hot!!!
    plz send me some pikkis of him, he is my world at the moment, i suggest u keep on 2 him as it looks like hes a sex god !!!!
    and plz dont let this series be the last, for shameless 2008 bring back all the old fiona, sheila and veronica and kev. its not the same wiv out them.
    thankux x x x x

  34. Joanne

    I couldn’t wait for shameless to come back on and now that Jamie (arron McCusker) is in it its even better i think he’s absolutley GORGEOUS!!!
    love from Joanne xxxx

  35. Julie

    I am a new fan of Shameless and only started watching this series and got hooked – its fab !!!
    It is also made better by Aaron McCusker (Jamie Maguire) he’s gorgeous those lovely brown eyes…yum yum ! Give him my email address pleez love Julie xxx

  36. Millie

    OOOOO howww sexxi is aaron (jamie)…… but its welll hard to find pictures of him x x x

  37. jools

    AHHHHHH!!!!! This is driving me MAD. I am sure that the guy who plays Jamie Maguire…Arron, was in Brookside. Can anyone remember who he played?

  38. emma

    wow aaron mccusker is well hot! i love shamless its amazing…..

  39. katherine holmes

    omg he is so fit hes soooooooo HOT !!! n he plays a great part in Shameless.N shameless is amzing xxxxx

  40. chris

    pure class

  41. fran and charlotte

    omg!!! jamie maguire is so fit!! luv him !!!

  42. kez

    OMG Aaron McCusker (jamie maguire) and and Jody Latham (lip) are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fit. Gutted its gone off.

  43. jade

    hiya i can’t believe it is finished but i can’t wait in till it is back on lol xx love ya all

  44. jade

    i love shameless so much i can not live without it
    you are all good i love carl out of shameless he is funny i would love to come and see you but you live in manchester and i live in chester can not wait untill shameless is back on i just love it so much i can watch shameless ever day i tell ever one in school about shameless i think of shameless ever day my friends said you are always talking about it all the time lol and we do lil acts at break lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  45. Kirsty Jane Garvey

    Like The Bill shown weekly, are there any plans for shameless to follow i’m sure the ratings show it would it would kock the other soaps off. It’s a long time to wait yearly, for each new series.

  46. Ian Wylie

    Kirsty – I don’t think Channel 4 has any plans to turn Shameless into a more regular soap, but at least the number of episodes is being doubled. So the wait between series may not be as long as before.

  47. I love the show because of jamie – he is so sexy and lovely.

  48. natalie

    I think jamie from shameless is well sexy.

  49. Miriam

    I love Shameless. It’s the best show on T.V….such great acting..and I was so moved by the last episode in series 4. I really like the new characters (yes Jamie is very pleasing to the eye) but I miss Sheila. Are there ever any auditions for this show??????

  50. Miriam

    How do you audition for this show?

  51. Ian Wylie

    Miriam – I don’t know, but you can find the contact details for the company which produces Shameless here:

  52. michaela

    lip (jody letham) iz soooooo fit i will luv him till the day i die

  53. josh

    fiona is a pure beauty.

  54. Josh Wasilewski

    Hi Everyone i know where the new series of shameless is being recorded it is being recorded in the industrial estate near wythenshawe hospital called roundthorn industrial estate.

  55. Ian Wylie

    Josh – click on the link to later Shameless blogs and also links to other stories on the MEN site, where the move to Wythenshawe has been covered in full.

  56. jodie leigh denial x

    omg i cnt wait till shameless starts its the best show eva LIP is soooooooooooo fit ….
    its so funni shameless cnt wait till comes bk on xxxx

  57. Karl

    Micky Maguire is my new fav character played by Ciaran Griffiths hes sooooo funny, hes a brilliant actor!!!!! hope he has a more leading role in the new series!

  58. sophie

    hia, i read in the papers that one of the maguires has been sent down for life in real life but not sure which one and not sure if its true, does any one know if its true and whch one it is if it is ??

  59. Ian Wylie

    Sophie – Michael Skeffington, 19, was jailed for life at Manchester Crown Court for stabbing a man to death. The story was reported in Saturday’s (July 21) MEN. But he was never a main character in Shameless. From memory, if he appeared at all it was on the fringes as an extra.

  60. Jay

    I hope shameless comes back..

  61. Jay

    Karen (Rebecca Atkinson) is fit!

  62. paige

    hey will there be a 5th serise of shamless hope so coz carl n lip are sooo fit lol

  63. Ian Wylie

    Paige – click on the link to the other later Shameless blogs.

  64. <3 itzz lauren maytee <3

    ohh yerr andd oww fitt didd jamiee lukk wenn ee worr cryingg inn lastt series..phwoarr..
    carll ndd lipp arr fitt aswell ndd mcikyy izz lukingg niccerr lol..
    luvv lozz xxx

  65. Sammy (Scotland)

    Just wanted to leave a note to say thank god you’re in the show Aaron!!…you are the only reason i watch it….keep up the good work…..oh & let me know of any sites with more of you in them!! Lol.XxXx

  66. Jemma

    Aaron McCusker (jamie maguire)
    Jody Latham (Lip) R sooooo Sexy, i hope to see loads of them both in series 5 ov Shameless. They both r the most gawjuss lads on telly ooooohh there sooo lush xx

  67. danielle

    i love shameless it is well gd i watch it all the time ill watch it every week then i will watch the repeat lol lol lol

  68. jodielee

    o0o0o shamless is so good lip and jamie r just the bomb like x0x

  69. xxjadexx

    i love what you do sooo keep it up and i would like to meet you sometime xx bye xx

  70. Jess

    Will there be another series of shameless and when?

  71. Ian Wylie

    Hi Jess – check out later Shameless blogs, in particular:
    They’ve been filming the new series since early summer and it’s due on screen early next year.

  72. JAZZAA BAZZOO!! ;)

    Oy Kiddaa! You gonna tell me when or if seris 6 is going to be on?
    Your fit you mate.
    nice in the bill and all! ;):P

  73. God I thought I was the only one who obsessed over the gorgeous Aaron McClusky….grrr……if I was karen I would have never left!!! Madness!!! He is GORGEOUS!!!

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