Que Sera Sera

A final word on last night’s one-off special of The Royle Family, which was watched by 7.8m viewers – the highest audience for a comedy on British TV this year.
Actress Liz Smith, who played Nana, appeared on Channel 4’s The Paul O’Grady Show this teatime.
“I just want to let you see that I didn’t really die last night,” she said. “For a woman who’s just died, I feel quite good.

“It was a lovely show and I was very, very lucky to be in it – it’s a great honour to be connected with such a nice show. I feel very privileged.”
“We cried all the time we were making it. All the crew, all of us, in this great big studio, all sat there crying.
“But the next minute, we were having a laugh. That’s what’s so marvellous. That’s where Caroline is so clever. You go from laughter to tears, which is lovely – it was extremely moving.
“It was the last year of Nana’s life, and what a year – she had the greatest year and the greatest time, because the family gave it to her.”
Scunthorpe-born Liz, 84, recently moved to her own flat in a retirement home and says she approved of Nana’s last resting place.
“I loved it in the end when they put my ashes on top of the television.”
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