Mysterious Creatures

IF you chose to watch Mysterious Creatures on ITV1 last night, you’ll know it was no laughing matter.
But old friends Tim Spall and Brenda Blethyn, who played Bill and Wendy Ainscow, managed to find some things to smile about during filming.
As Tim told me at the press launch earlier this month: “There’s a very fine line between tragedy and comedy.”

On location in Tenerife, Bill described the cast hotel as “Las Vegas meets Matalan. It was a peculiar place.”
And sound problems with a scene involving Brenda in the sea meant she had to embark on some long distance acting a few months later.
“The sobbing and gagging and choking I did down a phone line from Sydney,” she revealed.
Rebekah Staton, who played Lisa, also found something to smile about.
After filming last night’s drama she landed a role in new BBC3 comedy Pulling.
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