Big Blubber

BIG Mutha Davina warned us to have the tissues ready, and she wasn’t joking.
Last night’s Big Brother eviction show was a blub fest to match anything in the Channel 4 show’s history.
Those producers spending a long hot summer of bruv in BB HQ – a TV and film stage just off Borehamwood High Street – certainly know how to manipulate an audience.
This time it was the tried and tested letters from home routine. Tears flowed as the BB prisoner housemates received news from outside.

Most poignant was Richard’s letter from his sister about their cancer-stricken mum, who has lost her hair but is recovering from chemotherapy. You’d have to be a hard-hearted soul not to have reached for the tissue box at that point.

Having been released from his cell, the gay Canadian was rewarded with a surprise – strike a pose – Madonna-themed 34th birthday party, which led to a classic BB moment. Did you count the number of self-obsessed housemates performing solely for the cameras?
Loveable Pete missed out on a letter from home after swapping with Richard in prison and produced the most interesting reaction of the evening, as he wandered off alone into the garden.
“That’s life, it’s cool,” he said. “I hope they enjoyed their letters.”

Pete doesn’t know it, but the bookmakers have him as a certainty to win BB7. The current best price available on him is 1-7, which is about as hot a favourite as you can get. It’s all over, bar the final evictions.
And talking of evictions, Michael resembled a burst water main last night as he watched Richard listening to the contents of the letter from his sister. The tap was still flowing later in the diary room when Michael explained how he felt ashamed for his previous bad feelings towards Richard.
Those clever BB producers showed this final realisation just seconds before the phone lines closed, so ensuring a minimum sympathy vote for Michael. He and Spiral were subsequently evicted, having attracted just 9.7 per cent of the public vote to be saved.
The Big Brother house might look exotic on TV. But, in reality, it’s next to a Tesco supermarket.
Love Island is far more glam, and yet there’s been plenty of trouble in paradise. Ratings for the show, based in Fiji, have stumbled along at around 2m a night – with BB winning head-to-head matches with ease.
Those who are watching the ITV1 show defend it with passion. And Stockport twins Emma and Eve Ryan have landed on the island this weekend as part of attempts to get more viewers tuning in. They arrive in the resort proper tomorrow.

This second series of Love Island always seemed a bad idea but there is still time for ratings to pick up, The Ryan twins are on Pgs 1 and 3 of today’s MEN. You can read about them here.
Are you bothered about Big Brother or Love Island. Or do you have better things to do with your time? Let me know.