Rovers Rocked

KYM Ryder is back in Coronation Street – this time with two brothers who are set to rock the Rovers.
I met up with them all yesterday on the Corrie cobbles, where there’s quite a bit of excitement about the new Weatherfield arrivals.
Earlier this year I spoke to Kym for a TV feature just before she starred as singer Michelle in four episodes.
She later cracked open a bottle of champagne when her agent rang to say Corrie bosses wanted her to become a regular member of cast.

Singer and actress Kym returns to the screen next month, this time using her married name, a switch she’s been wanting to make professionally for some time.

Over a period of weeks, viewers will be introduced to her teenage son Ryan, played by 14-year-old Ben Thompson, and Michelle’s two brothers.
Inspired by Burnage boys Liam and Noel Gallagher, one is actually called Liam. He’s played by local lad Rob James-Collier.
Originally known as Rob Collier, he’s had to change his professional name because of a clash with another actor of the same name.
I first interviewed Rob in December 2004, just before he made his TV debut in Born and Bred. You can read that feature here.
Continuing the Oasis theme, and slightly confusingly, older brother Paul is played by an actor called Sean Gallagher, who has had a string of TV roles, including a recent appearance in Doctor Who.

They all make up the Connor family. Wigan-born Kym has already been filming for several weeks. Currently based in St Albans, she’s moving back to the Manchester area with former EastEnders actor husband Jack Ryder and her two children. It’ll be the first time Jack has lived in the north.
Kym, 30, never ducks a question and always talks with openess and honesty about her life. She was on good form yesterday, and obviously delighted to be back as Michelle, who will pull more than pints when she becomes the 41st barmaid to work at the Rovers.
Rob, 29, is just as excited to have signed up for at least a year in Weatherfield. His mum is a huge Corrie fan. He’s also already filmed a number of episodes.
Paul, 40, is the relative newcomer and will be the last of the Connor family to arrive on screen – for now. Although he’s originally from Luton, he long ago mastered a Manc accent.
For those who can access hard copies, there’s a story running on Pgs 1 and 3 of today’s MEN. The story is also online here.
My video journalist colleague Yakub Qureshi also came along to meet the Connor clan and shared an orange juice with Kym in the Rovers. You can see his film report here.
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42 responses to “Rovers Rocked

  1. irem ozdemir

    hey! i love corri I’m a big fan and i just wanna ask do they still have audtions because i really want to act. I’m 13 and i live in london!!!!

  2. Ian Wylie

    Irem – I’m not the right person to ask. Best to speak to a drama teacher – or your local youth theatre group / workshop, if you belong to one. You would normally need some acting experience at school or with a local theatre group to even be considered for an audition – and, of course, Coronation Street is filmed in Manchester. For a better answer, I suggest you write to ITV Granada at Quay Street, Manchester, M60 9EA.

    Is he coming 2 Glasgow with his band anytime soon?

  4. Lorraine Johnson

    Just wonderd if Rob James-Collier has done any personal apperances and if so where, he is incredibly good looking and is a cracking actor.
    Should he be making any personal appearances where would be the best place to find out, or could his agent please send me the details.
    Best Wishes
    Lorraine Johnson, Stockport

  5. Ian Wylie

    Lorraine – not sure about past appearances but in terms of possible future events, it’s really a case of keeping your eyes and ears open and checking the news and Diary pages of the MEN. You could also set up an alert in Google News. And it’s worth checking Corrieblog, where they sometimes post advance info of cast personal appearances. I’ve put a link to Corrieblog for you at the bottom of the text in the above blog entry.

  6. hi my name is kerry and i live in manchester ,bolton and i was wondering how wud find out about acting clubs becoz my mates and my sis say im gud at acting but i am very shy and am very scared of joining acting clubs by myself. thanks !!!!!

  7. Ian Wylie

    Kerry – as I told Irem further up the page, I’m not really the right person to ask. You don’t mention how old you are, so I’m not sure if you are still at school. If you are, then I’d ask one of your teachers. And if you’re older, ask your family and friends if they know about any local drama clubs. You may find some listed in the local Yellow Pages or Thomson Directory, plus have a search online via Google. If you can’t find one near you, ring up another drama workshop / club in Greater Manchester – they may know of something closer to you. You could also ring up your nearest theatre and see if they have any information. There’s no need to be shy, but why don’t you ask a friend or a member of your family to go along with you?

  8. steven walker

    Cool – this soap is great, i watch it all the time.

  9. cack

    hey i am a wylie too!

  10. tessa

    hey , i think corra is alright but it’s even beta now that rob collier is in it cuz he is propa hot he’s sooo sxc!!!
    xXxtessa 4 robxXx

  11. karen mitchell

    hi i recently met rob at the granada studios manchester he’s so friendly and i’ve got a few photos of

  12. Vicky-x

    Im 15 n i think that Rob James Collier is the fittest guy ever on Corrie atm! Since Richard Fleeshman and Sam Robertson left i didnt think there would be anyone else that good looking on the soap n then in walks Liam!! Gorgeous!! Hehe… he really is the best lookin celb ever! (After Johnny Depp n Orlando Bloom!) Maybe on the same scale as Johnny actually… haha. Anyways! Hes Gorgeous!!!
    Im reli interested in being in Corrie too if theyre ever looking 4 an extras! Ive been into acting for 4years now n i used to do Drama at school! If theyre ever looking for any extras then im always interested!
    Love The Show!! xx

  13. lizzie w

    rob james-collier what can i say “marry me!”

  14. Gemma Rowley

    hello Rob james collier i am your biggest FAN.

  15. Lauren

    I love Ben thompson!! 😀 does anyone know where his band are gonna be doing any gigs..? x

  16. greg

    rose webster is so hott i can only dream to meet such a sxc girl .

  17. Jess

    Hey guys! I’m abit of a Ben Thompson fan 😛
    A few people have mentioned about him playing gigs with his band?
    What does he play in the band and what is the name of the band?!
    Thanks guys!

  18. shona

    ben thompson is so fit

  19. jade

    i am the biggest ben thomson fan ever !!!!!!!!! he is sooo fit ;p i love his hair eyes did you know he was in the cbbc show stupid i can only hope he reads this ! LOVE YOU BEN ! 😀

  20. Ellie

    I heard that Ben Thompson is in a band..!? Is this true because I wanna go see them in that case! xD

  21. sophie

    hi i havnt really been taking much interest but now i have really grown on ben thompson i think he is so fit
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sophie

  22. jade

    whats ben thomson band name any one i want to go c them real bad !!!!!!!!! XxXxX hes soooo fit 😛 !!!!!!!!! 😉

  23. X.Livvie.X

    Omg .. I so Love Ben Thomson.. :-] He is Like Fab .. I soo Fancy Him Like.. Lmao .. I wana Meet Him ….!! .XxXRok On BabXxX

  24. Rachel ...X

    i love ben he is so fit and i am a big fan of him

  25. Livvie 'n' Amie

    Heyya Ben :-] We Love you..wats ya email address.. Lyl angell .. X

  26. XxJadexX

    hi ben XxXXxxxx i think that your soo fit we love you a good actor tooo but you need to bee seeen a bit more !!!! because your such a good actor !!!! same to waste tallent !!!!!!!!
    i really want to meet you !!!!
    luv u

  27. xellie-babesxx

    Love Ben he is sooo fit, lovin the story bout the son mix up lolz, can i hav Ben’s email??? plzzzzzz xxxx

  28. Julie

    Ben Tompson is sooo Fit!!! I love him so much hes so hott wnt 2 meet him so much xxxxxxxxx

  29. Olivviaa..-x

    well well.. Come On .. How Fab is Ben yea.. Hes Hot ..Good Actor..! Sexyy..X lyl Ben..X
    4fm ya biggest fan

  30. XxJadexX

    hey ben you are sooo fit 😛 ….?!?! 😉
    im ya biggest fan !!!!!
    luff ya xxxx

  31. charlotte

    i love u ben u r soooo fit xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. XxyasminxX

    hey ya i’m yasmin i live in birmingham and i think that corri is like the best soap thats been around so far and i hope that rob,ben and all the conners in coronation street dont leave o and sad 2 see paul leave =(

  33. X*Jade*X

    hey ya i live in cornwall which is a bit out on the acting area but everyone says i’m really good at it and i want to start ??? anyone got any ideas how?? cuz i really do not know !?!?!?
    by the way ben thompson your really fit i your biggest fan eva 🙂
    loveya babes
    jade !!

  34. Ian Wylie

    Jade – check out the second comment in the above list. If you’re still at school, there may be a teacher who can give you advice. Otherwise look for a local drama group or workshop and talk to them. Nowhere is out of the acting area. Both Doc Martin and Echo Beach, for example, are filmed in Cornwall.

  35. x*jade*x

    thanks ian i have an audition for dorothy in the wizard of oz tonight hopefully i will be lucky and get the part if not i will be in the backing group anyway thanks for your advice !! and i will talk to my drama teacher !!!
    hi everyone X

  36. Cara

    OMG Ryan out of cora is the cutest boy i have eva seen hes like so fit

  37. X*jade*X

    omg isn’t he just i would long for a boy who went to my school with looks like him

  38. Lucy Holland

    oh my god i think Ben Thompson is sooo scrummy.
    The Connors are my favourite family in corrie and i cant wait to see more

  39. rosie

    Ben i luv yhoo soo much i want to c ya and how cums u aint got a gf on corrie:p luv ya rosie again:) xXxXxX

  40. Lisa

    ben is sooooooo hot and he is good in corrie ben is sooooooo hot and he is good in corrie ❤ id luv to be an actress but cause i live in scotland i have no chance

  41. lydia

    ben thompson u r fit i am doin somin on u in skool every1 loves it love yhoo loads
    plus the 9mx class at skool

  42. Cara

    Heyah guys!
    Just wanted to say that I think Coronation Street is the best thing ever, on TV!
    Ben Thompson is a really good actor and deserves to be who he is, yes I am into him, but that I don’t wanna scare him if he reads this!
    If there were auditions, which character would it be? Ryans Girlfriend?! Haha, but I hope so, I have already made up my own story line! That I come on the street (with a ungratful mother) and bump into ryan somehow, he as’s me round to his place then we somehow are really into each other. My mum and his mum get on really well, and my mum tells Michelle that shes planning on moving away- and leaving me. She asks michelle to look after me, and me and ryan and michelle, amy and steve all live together!
    Well.. somehow i dont think that will ever happen.. but SOME dreams come true (right ryan?!) Haha x
    anyways reply back pls!
    PS ‘COME ON CITY’ my family have been supporting them ever since… well i dunno but a long time.. from my grandad i think! My whole family supports them… and I am glad I am not the only one- not many GOOD LOOKING GUYS support them, but Ryan and Liam! YOU DO!
    I have met Audrey and Ken in realy life( i got a picture taken with them for this school thing!) Plus my friend Amelia Rae Turner is Kevins real daughter! And she watches things outta coro!
    Again reply back pls!:
    Age 11 (I was born 14th august 1997)
    Alrtincham Manchester!

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