McDonald & Dodds: Interviews

“THIS is a cop drama that is well drawn, well made and is in some ways groundbreaking in the relationship between McDonald and Dodds.

“It’s great entertainment, hopefully, for the audience, but also it does touch on real issues today.”

Jason Watkins talking to me about new ITV drama McDonald & Dodds.

With the first of two feature length films at 8pm this Sunday (March 1).

Jason plays Det Sgt Dodds alongside Tala Gouveia as Det Chief Insp McDonald in the drama created and written by Robert Murphy.

With James Murray as their police boss Chief Insp Houseman.

Set in Bath, the two films have attracted some notable guest names, including Robert Lindsay as Max Crockett in the first story.

Along with Joanna Scanlon, Caroline Catz, Freddie Fox, Kiran Sonia Sawar, Hugh Dennis and Michelle Dotrice in the second film.

You can read my interviews for ITV with Jason Watkins, Tala Gouveia, James Murray and Robert Lindsay at the link below: