The Bletchley Circle 2: Interviews


“I gather there was a lot of excitement online.

“We trended on Twitter as #ladynerds – which I love.

“Bletchley and these girls represent everything that is brilliant about Britain.

“They’re eccentric, non-conformist and think outside the box.”

Rachael Stirling talking to me about series one of The Bletchley Circle and reprising her role as Millie in the second series.

Which begins on ITV at 9pm on Monday (January 6).

I was delighted to be asked to write the cast interviews for the new series, as I had done for the first one.

Talking to Rachael, Anna Maxwell Martin (Susan), Julie Graham (Jean), Sophie Rundle (Lucy) and Hattie Morahan, who appears in the new series as former Bletchley Park code-breaker Alice Merren.

You can read those interviews in the ITV Production Notes here:

The Bletchley Circle 2 ITV Production Notes

Rachael, Julie and Hattie were also on good form when they attended the series two press launch at the end of November.

Together with writer Guy Burt and executive producer Jake Lushington.

The Bletchley Circle’s success on screen has also had a rather nice spin-off in the real world.

With increased visitor numbers at Bletchley Park, where exciting developments are taking place.

As you can read at the end of the production notes and via the link below.

Hattie Morahan as Alice.

Hattie Morahan as Alice.

ITV Drama

World Productions

Bletchley Park

Ian Wylie on Twitter

Anna Maxwell Martin as Susan.

Anna Maxwell Martin as Susan.

Julie Graham as Jean.

Julie Graham as Jean.

Sophie Rundle as Lucy.

Sophie Rundle as Lucy.

Rachael Stirling as Millie.

Rachael Stirling as Millie.

Paul McGann as John Richards.

Paul McGann as John Richards.

Hattie Morahan as Alice at Bletchley Park.

Hattie Morahan as Alice at Bletchley Park.

Hattie Morahan as Alice at Bletchley Park.

Hattie Morahan as Alice at Bletchley Park.



Faye Marsay as Lizzie.

Faye Marsay as Lizzie.




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8 responses to “The Bletchley Circle 2: Interviews

  1. Mary

    Enjoy this program very much and waiting for it to be shown here in Oakville/Canada 🙂

    • Mary, I am also in Canada (NL) and watched the first series via PBS out of Buffalo, NY/Toronto. Waiting for series 2, suggest to join in with fans at “The Bletchley Circle Watchers” fansite online. You can find it just by googling that.

  2. J. Knowles

    Get Netflix ladies! Season 2 is on there. I’ve just been watching it. It is brilliant. Makes me want to go back to the U.K…. for a visit!
    I’m in B.C, Canada.

    • You can also get the series from PBS shop and other places online. And probably at your local library on DVD. ~ The Bletchley Circle Watchers fans online

  3. Is anna maxwell martin leaving the series since they seem to have got rid of her character?

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