Moving On 4

Rob James-Collier as Aidan.

Rob James-Collier as Aidan.

MOVING On is back with a Scandinavian twist.

Created by Jimmy McGovern, the fourth series of BBC1’s daytime drama has the usual impressive cast lists.

This time including actors from The Killing, Borgen, Wallander and Lilyhammer.

Regular readers will know that I have a lot of time for all involved in Moving On.

Having written about it at Moving On: Plays For Our Today and Moving On 3.

Moving On is a series of stand alone dramas providing TV opportunities for writers and skilled production workers in the North West.

With some famous faces in the casts working more for love than money.

Along with Johnny Vegas and Robert Glenister making their BBC TV drama directing debuts in this new series.

Colin McKeown’s Liverpool-based LA Productions performs drama miracles on a budget that would no doubt be an insult to shoestrings.

With little sign of the financial constraints on screen.

Broadcast on BBC1 at 2:15pm on consecutive days from next Monday (Jan 28), here’s just some of the highlights from this 2013 series.

Which you can also, of course, record if at work or catch up with later via the BBC iPlayer.

Downton Abbey’s Rob James-Collier makes a return appearance, having played estranged husband Clive in a Moving On series three story called The Milkman.

This time he’s a lot more charming, going back to school as supply teacher Mr Evans. Or Aidan to his friends.

In episode two: Visiting Order, written by Colette Kane, one of two films directed by Noreen Kershaw.

Marian Saastad Ottesen as Liv.

Marian Saastad Ottesen as Liv.

He’s immediately smitten when he meets Scandinavian single mum-of-two Liv, played by Norwegian-born Lilyhammer actress Marian Saastad Ottesen.

Social worker Liv also likes the look of Mr Evans. But keeps a secret from him.

Her father Kris is serving a long sentence for drug trafficking.

And in another casting coup, he is played by Bjarne Henriksen, who many UK viewers will know as Theis Birk Larsen from The Killing series one, as well as Borgen.

Jason Manford as Gary.

Jason Manford as Gary.

Jason Manford may surprise some as black cab driver Gary in the fifth and final film of this series: That’s Amore.

Directed by Johnny Vegas, Jason co-stars with Wallander’s Rebekah Staton, who plays his fed up wife Lisa.

“Bone idle” beer-swilling couch potato Gary has no idea anything is wrong.

Until Lisa tells him their house is up for sale and she wants a divorce.

Telling him: “People in comas make more decision than you do, Gary.”

Forced to live apart in the same house while they wait for a buyer, Gary becomes increasingly frustrated.

Concluding: “My life’s turned into one big episode of Jeremy Kyle.”

Colin McKeown says: “Johnny spotted something in Jason and it’s paid off.

“I think Jason’s performance will surprise people, so watch this space.

“I also think Robert Glenister’s episode will take people by surprise because for a first time director its an extremely assured piece of work.

“I think both Robert and Johnny have a great future as directors.”

Paul McGann as Phil.

Paul McGann as Phil.

Former Hustle star Robert directs episode four – Blood Ties – which features Paul McGann, Jack Shepherd and Jennifer Hennessy and is written by Arthur Ellison.

Robert maintains: “Moving On is the best reason for ressurecting the single play on primetime terestrial telly.”

Gillian Kearney as Danielle.

Gillian Kearney as Danielle with Ashley Ogden (Mia) and Joseph Wilkins (Tom).

Episode three – Friends Like These – is written by Shaun Duggan and features Gillian Kearney as busy single mum Danielle.

She earns a little extra cash by child-minding for her friend Sam, played by former Accused and Coronation Street actress Rachel Leskovac.

With Natasha Little as Sonia, a new mum at the school who has a home Danielle can only dream of.

Sonia befriends Danielle and decides to help her.

But as Sam warns Danielle: “Beward of the middle classes bearing gifts.”

Sally Carman as Sarah.

Sally Carman as Sarah.

Series four begins with The Shrine, written by Karen Brown and starring Matthew Kelly, Barbara Flynn, Shameless actress Sally Carman and Rev’s Steve Evets.

As LA Productions explain: “Moving On explores contemporary issues, from divorce and public displays of grief to obsessive friendships, relationships and caring for the elderly.

“All linked by the common theme of characters who reach a turning point in life and then move on.”

Scroll down for more photos and links.

Barbara Flynn and Matthew Kelly in The Shrine.

Barbara Flynn and Matthew Kelly in The Shrine.

Rachel Lescovak in Friends Like These.

Rachel Lescovak in Friends Like These.

Natasha Little in Friends Like These.

Natasha Little in Friends Like These with Olivia Cosgrove (Sofia) and Alex Lee Taylor (Kai).

Jennifer Hennessy in Blood Ties.

Jennifer Hennessy in Blood Ties.

Jack Shepherd in Blood Ties.

Jack Shepherd in Blood Ties.

Director Robert Glenister.

Director Robert Glenister.

Director Johnny Vegas.

Director Johnny Vegas.

Marian Saastad Ottesen as Liv and Charlie Concannon as Eric.

Marian Saastad Ottesen as Liv and Charlie Concannon as Eric.

Moving On 4 begins on BBC1 at 2:15pm on Monday (Jan 28) and at the same time on the next four days.

BBC1 Moving On

LA Productions

BBC iPlayer

Moving On: Plays For Our Today

Moving On 3

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7 responses to “Moving On 4

  1. Rosemary

    I would watch these with pleasure, were it not for Mr McGovern’s constant tub-thumping.

    ‘Beware of the middle-classes bearing gifts’. Hear we go again. Bash the Middle Classes, the Posh, the Church, the Police, the Elite and Anyone From The South. It is getting SO repetitive. I’m afraid the chip on Mr McGovern’s shoulder contaminates everything with which he’s involved. It just spoils his work for me. I can’t watch ‘Accused’ either. It’s a great shame.

    • Jimmy doesn’t actually write the episodes now, Rosemary. The story is about one person’s self-esteem. Worth watching before you make your mind up.

      • Rosemary

        No, I realise that. I will try, but I’m afraid the minute the programme jumps on his usual class warfare hobby horse I shall be gone. With all due respect to his talent, I prefer to be preached at in church.

    • Mike

      No preaching here, just a little bit of real life and real people, all superbly acted by a talented cast of mostly well-knowns. I write having just enjoyed the first two of this series and am looking forward to the others. Don’t close your mind, Rosemary, and you may find that the class-warfare in your head is replaced by a sensitive view of universal human problems.

  2. Rosemary

    Hmm. Well I missed the first episode, but have watched numbers two and three. Not as much haranguing as I feared, but not very captivating, either. Rather bland and predictable, I think, so far. And I didn’t quite understand why the father in prison and his daughter in part 2 had to be Norwegian, of all things. How many Norwegian drug traffickers are there in British jails?? I found it a bit difficult to understand their English, too.

  3. theatreguymike

    No preaching here, Rosemary, just a look at real people in understandable situations, all superby well played by a group of well-known actors. I comment after just watching the first two episodes and I look forward to the others. If you can free your mind of thoughts of class-warfare, you may instead find a greater understanding of universal human responses to everyday situations. Being daytime tv, the dramas do have a softer edge than similar post-watershed viewing, but this may give them more appeal to those wanting to avoid emotional discomfort.

  4. Alan Hose

    A superb series roll on can’t wait for the next, do you have any idea what the two tunes that where played in the shrine series four

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