White Heat: Final Episode

SOME TV dramas divide opinion more than most.

White Heat appears to have fallen into that category over the last six weeks.

I almost gave up on this BBC2 series after the second episode.

And am now very glad I didn’t.

Tonight’s (Thursday April 12) final hour repays the investment viewers have put in to the previous five.

Bringing to a close the story of seven friends from the 1960s to the present day.

We discover exactly what is inside that safe.

And the identity of the person who has died.

Created by Paula Milne, White Heat was far from perfect.

But is destined to live long in my memory.

In the end, I loved it.

Mainly due to the performances of Sam Claflin (Jack), Claire Foy (Charlotte), David Gyasi (Victor), MyAnna Buring (Lilly), Lee Ingleby (Alan), Reece Ritchie (Jay) and Jessica Gunning (Orla).

The characters played in the present day by Michael Kitchen (Jack), Juliet Stevenson (Charlotte), Hugh Quarshie (Victor), Lindsay Duncan (Lilly), Paul Copley (Alan), Ramon Tikaram (Jay) and Sorcha Cusack (Orla).

With a special mention for Tamsin Greig as Charlotte’s tortured mother Beth.

I’m not sure the obvious comparison with Our Friends In The North did the drama any favours.

Aside from ensuring plenty of publicity ahead of episode one.

Do the mixed reviews for White Heat mean we have lost our appetite for slow burn television drama?

With the story and characters given time to breathe, allowing viewers space to think for themselves?

Or did you just not rate this “epic” drama?

Whether you’re a fan of White Heat or not, I’d like to hear your opinion via the comment box at the bottom of this blog.

But first, let’s celebrate the final episode with a few pics.

Sam Claflin as Jack.
Claire Foy as Charlotte.
David Gyasi as Victor.
MyAnna Buring as Lilly.
Lee Ingleby as Alan.
Reece Ritchie as Jay.
Jessica Gunning as Orla.

Sam Claflin as Jack and Claire Foy as Charlotte.

Tamsin Greig as Beth.

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