Titanic: First Photos

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Muriel Batley and Toby Jones as John Batley.

HERE are the first official photos of ITV1’s Titanic, one of the television drama events of 2012.

To be screened in the UK and around the world – including ABC Network in America – in the spring.

Marking the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the liner in April 1912.

Dec 24 2011 update. The first trailer has just been released:

David Calder as Captain Smith.

Regular readers will know that I spent a week on set in Budapest back in July.

Interviewing 16 members of cast and six other Titanic figures, including writer Julian Fellowes who was also visiting the incredible Hungarian film set at the time.

Later catching up with producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and director Jon Jones in London.

Producing a grand interview transcript total of 85,000 words.

You can read more about that at Titanic Set Visit.

Perdita Weeks as Georgiana and Noah Reid as Harry Widener.

ITV1 will broadcast Titanic in four parts.

The TV drama tells a much wider story than James Cameron’s 1997 movie and sees the ship hitting the iceberg near the end of each of the first three episodes.

Then returning in the next episode to a fresh starting point and another perspective on the story.

Before we discover the fate of all of the characters in the fourth and concluding hour.

Perdita Weeks as Georgiana, Linus Roache as Hugh, Earl of Manton and Geraldine Somerville as Louisa, Countess of Manton.
Antonio Magro as Mario Sandrini
Steven Waddington as Charles Lightholler
Noah Reid as Harry Widener and Perdita Weeks as Georgiana

Titanic Set Visit

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