Spooks: The Sickness Unto Death

Sir Duke

“THE greatest hazard of all, losing one’s self, can occur very quickly in the world.

“Almost as if it were nothing at all.”

Sir Harry quotes Kierkegaard in Spooks series nine, episode five.

But let’s begin at the beginning.

As busy Home Secretary William Towers informs Harry: “Just checking the new Home Office app. It’s worth a download.”

(To save you the trouble, I’ve checked. And there isn’t one)

Operation Horizon is go.

Which means the President of the USA – codename Lighthouse – is London-bound to chair a top secret meeting at the Prince Edward Hotel.

Seizing a historic opportunity to bring about peace in the Middle East.

While the rest of the world think he’s having tea with Her Maj at Buckingham Palace.

“The Queen is in on it,” Ruth reassures The Grid.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms Evershed has excellent royal connections.

Having been a lady in waiting, of sorts, for so long herself.

Harry (Peter Firth) and Levi (Paul Freeman)

Harry also has friends in high places.

He’s an old pal of Levi Cohen, one of the leaders of the Israeli delegation, played by Paul Freeman.

Levi asks Harry if becoming “a duke” has gone to his head.

“I’m a knight, Levi,” replies Harry.

“And on the day I became one, so did a 80-year-old disc jockey and a champion shot putter.

“So I don’t dine out on it.”

Ashes To Ashes fans will recognise actor Joseph Long (Luigi) as Raed Elwan, deputy leader of the Palestinian side.

While the MI5 team race to intercept a terrorist threat.

Cue yet more “facial recog”.

Lucas / John betrays a possible past in furniture removal.

Ahead of another twist in the tale in the closing moments which I didn’t see coming.

Fans of all things Harry and Ruth may also care to watch out for the “Next Week” teaser trail.

But I’ll leave you with this photo of William Towers and his backing band, which surely begs a caption competition.

There's an app for that...

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12 responses to “Spooks: The Sickness Unto Death

  1. Jodie

    Another fantastic review. You tease about the following week!!!! I hope H/R have to snog!! Sorry couldn’t help myself 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing how the team deal with the latest and greatest threat of the week!

  2. Lynn

    Another excellent preview, Ian. Thank you.

    I’ve just Googled Kierkegaard as my knowledge of Danish philosophers is somewhat patchy. I see he’s described as the ‘Father of Existentialism’, which amuses me given that poor Sir Harry’s been having a bit of an existential crisis this year.

    Sounds like an interesting episode and I’m looking forward to seeing Paul Freeman, and Joseph Long. And of course, the ep 6 teaser…



  3. Michael Forde

    Wow another excellent review, Ian, well done, and thank you for the tags

  4. Leslie

    Phew! I checked this morning and you hadn’t updated – but I knew you wouldn’t disappoint! Humm – Ruth as a lady-in-waiting . . . and we know who she’s waiting for or rather who’s waiting for her. Let’s hope Kudos doesn’t disappoint – Can’t wait to see that ep. 6 trailer . . .

  5. Sue

    Ian, How about the caption for the piccy featured, “infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!” to pinch a quote from a well known Carry On film. Do you think the resemblance to Kenneth Clarke is deliberate by the way?(I think so!)

  6. comtesse de montecristo

    Spooks by frenchies : hard to fight against USA TV series, but… http://seriestv.blog.lemonde.fr/2010/10/09/journal-dun-fan-numero-19/

  7. Spookette

    Re: caption competition, I saw the cafetiere in the picture and what instantly sprang to mind was him thinking : ‘Don’t they know how to do a macchiato in this place?’ 🙂

  8. Martha Kan

    Read all the blogs, and green with envy here in the United states. PBS finished showing the rest of the Season 8 last month. For a fleeting moment, I thought that they would ‘indulge’ us in October with the new Season 9. No such luck.
    Season 8 came out in DVD in UK in September! I have been checking Amazon here every day, and no release date in sight for this side of the ocean.
    When will this torture end?
    You are so lucky there!

  9. Kate Holden

    Did anyone else spot the “deliberate” typo as Lighthouse came in to land at “Stanstead airport”. Doh!

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