Spooks: Amphitrite

Lucas takes aim in episode four

“WHOSE life did you ruin today, John?”

Spooks series nine, episode four.

The one where Lucas North – aka John – is in turmoil.

Vaughn (Iain Glen) is still pursuing that Albany file and putting pressure on Section D chief Lucas / John to deliver.

With yet another twist in the closing seconds of this latest visit to Thames House.

Home Secretary William Towers (Simon Russell Beale) has what he describes as “an epic hangover”.

And it’s about to get a lot worse.

A team of agents from the CSS (Chinese Security Service) has arrived in Britain via Dover, Heathrow and St Pancras International.

Looking for Amphitrite.

Not yet another nerve agent poised to decimate viewing figures for the rest of the series.

But the name of a sea goddess and wife of Poseidon.

But then you knew that already, didn’t you?

Also appearing to be the code word for a crucial new British-based desalination technology.

Among many other things, episode four features the obligatory appearance of Maya (Laila Rouass).

I have absolutely zero advance knowledge.

But that can’t end well, can it?

Sir Harry is back on the Embankment this week

Other highlights this week include:

1. Richard Armitage Tattoos: The Return.
2. Tariq’s moment of the week involving Windows 2010.
3. Harry: “We’ve had a Code Red Border Agency Report.”
4. The chips are down for the new CIA London chief.
5. Abseiling.
6. Ruth going undercover. “You speak Chinese?” asks a surprised Dimitri. “Mandarin and Wu. Except my Cantonese is terrible.” she replies.
7. The painting of a sailing ship.
8. Ruth and Beth’s little chat.
9. Dimitri finally seeing more action.
10. Ruth not dressed in black.

Beth orders a Chinese takeaway

Spooks continues on BBC1 at 9pm next Monday.

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8 responses to “Spooks: Amphitrite

  1. shgd

    Thanks for inside track, as always.

    So does “Richard Armitage Tattoos: The Return” mean they’ve relocated to their series 7 positions??

    If they need someone to study the screencaps from 701 onwards every time he took his kit off, I’d be only too happy to step up to the mark…

  2. Lynn

    Cheers, Ian. Nice blog, as always.

    Thanks for the explanation of ‘Amphitrite’ – saves me Googling it. 😛

    I’m looking forward to Harry-by-the-Thames, Tariq’s Windows 2010 moment, Ruth undercover (and not in black – hoorah!) and more Dimitri. It’s about time.

    Here’s hoping Iain Glen gets some more screen time too. 🙂


  3. Pepe

    Ruth speaks Chinese in episode 4?! I know Mandarin, and I know Cantonese, but I’ve never heard of a Chinese dialect called “Wu”. Spooks being inventive again? Remains to be seen/heard whether what actually comes out of Ruth’s mouth is any of the foregoing dialects.

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  5. Jerry

    Pete, The chinese dialect of “Wu” is widely spoken in China it’s very different from Mandarin, search in wikipedia and you will see the origin.

    Yesterday was actually my first time watching this series on BBC and I was instantly hooked.

    One thing I don’t quite enjoy was the “Chinese” actors in this episode speaking broken mandarin. According to some reports, there are more than 500,000 chinese people currently living in the country, surely BBC could find someone speaking better mandarin. For god’s sake, Ruth speaks more fluent mandarin than those actors.

    • Leng

      No, it wasn’t quite “pidgin” Mandarin the 3 CSS operatives spoke, but they had to chew out their lines almost “syllable” by “syllable”, whereas a native speaker of Mandarin would have just let go in double quick time.

      Ruth got her falling and rising tones wrong, but this is pardonable for all foreigners trying to speak Mandaring or Cantonese.

      BTW the guards capturing LN did not speak Mandarin but Cantonese; hmmm… rather unusual for PRC embassy staff.

      • Jerry

        No, they did not intentionally chew out the lines, u could tell they couldn’t speak it properly if you are native speaker. There is a big difference.

        As far as the embassy staff goes, they definitely dont speak Cantonese.

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