Identity: Aidan Gillen

YOU would think filming a series about identity fraud might lead the cast to tighten their own home security.

“I’m laid back about it myself,” says Aidan Gillen, who plays Det Insp John Bloom in ITV1’s Identity.

“I’m not going to go through my bins,” he told me when we met up earlier this summer.

“Stuff happens. You live in a city. It just doesn’t bother me. Being broken into or having my car stolen, I consider to be just a fact of life living in a city.

“Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make dramas about it,” he laughed.

“My mother was the first one to bring up shredders. She has a shredder and she started going on about this stuff to me.

“And I’m like, ‘You’re mad.’ They’re good for making pasta, they are.”

Aidan filmed Identity in London after returning from America, having played Baltimore politician Tommy Carcetti in HBO’s The Wire.

Several of his scenes involved Bloom in action on the city streets, with unsuspecting members of the public nearby.

“We were shooting a scene in Carnaby Street and there was a guy walking right beside me with a T-shirt that said, ‘Carcetti For Mayor’ on it.

“It was a total co-incidence.”

Sarah Smart and Phil Davis guest star in tonight’s third episode as Bloom’s double life continues to cause complications (ITV1, 9pm).


Keeley Hawes, who plays identity unit head Martha Lawson, is to star in a new BBC period drama.

The Ashes To Ashes star told ITV1’s This Morning today: “I’m about to start a really lovely project, as of tomorrow, for the BBC.

“But I can’t say what it is. They won’t let me because the cast isn’t completely in place.

“It’s a period drama. I’m very excited about it.”

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