Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes as Det Supt Martha Lawson in Identity

KEELEY Hawes is reported today to have “slammed” Ashes To Ashes “for its weak storylines”.

Which didn’t ring true to me when I read it first thing this morning.

The story continued: “The 33-year-old played feisty detective Alex Drake in the BBC drama, but attacked the hit programme – which ended last month – for being predictable.”

She was quoted as saying: “The story of the week was always a little bit weak and you could normally guess who did it in the first five minutes.”

And finally: “She said her new ITV series Identity, in which she again plays a policewoman ‘is much cleverer in that way.’”

I was at a recent press conference for Identity where Keeley was asked about choosing another police role.

This is my transcript of what she said:

“It’s weird with Ashes To Ashes because, obviously, it’s a police drama. But, actually, that’s not what it is first and foremost, in a way. The story of the week has always been secondary, it’s never been the strong part…I can say that, and I’ve always admitted that. I don’t think anybody ever thought that it was. So it never really felt like a police drama.

“Whereas this felt very much like a police drama. And this felt much more like Spooks, even though Spooks is about MI5 and we’re all spies. And I think that’s a really fantastic comparison, actually, for this, because they’re both so beautifully written and there’s a brilliant cast and the stories of the week are really, really strong and they really make you think.

“When I read the first episode of this, I had no idea. With Ashes, of course, you’d know who the baddie is by page three. That’s fine, we don’t care because we’re not watching it for that. But this is actually very clever and makes you think. So it was very attractive. The whole package.”

You can hear it for yourself here:

Identity begins on ITV1 at 9pm next Monday.

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8 responses to “Keeley Hawes

  1. Alison

    You should post a link to this blog on the Sun’s site Ian.

    Thanks for this

  2. Bridget

    The Sun taking things out of context again, quelle surprise! t’s clear from the transcript she didn’t ‘bash it’ but merely made comparisons about the police in the two series. Clearly we all knew (and so did she) that Ashes being about the police was kind of a side story for want of a better description.
    Thanks for putting up the transcript so we can make our own minds up Ian.

  3. Kelly S

    Oh Mr Wylie are you the only proper journalist left in the world? Thank you so much for the transcript, as ever we can always rely on you for the truth!

  4. cubbie

    Lovely! Thank you so much!

  5. Mia

    Thank you for the clarification Ian! Now it sounds more like Keeley.

  6. Jodie

    So glad I remembered you posting about her interview for Identity and the Sun when I read it just taking things way out of context!

    Thanks for another great interview. We know who to trust 🙂

  7. Susan

    Ian Thank you so much for clarifying with the transcript, i can’t wait to watch Identity next week.

  8. Harri83

    Thank you sooo much for clearing this up Ian, it wasn’t nice thinking that Keeley had ‘slammed’ Ashes, especially so soon after it finished! And it really didn’t ring true!
    I’m so glad you posted a transcript AND the recording, although even when I read it in the sun I was doubtful their quotes were accurate!

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