Day Of The Triffids Extras

Dougray Scott (Bill) and Joely Richardson (Jo)

SO what did you make of The Day Of The Triffids part one last night?

“We filmed in some amazing locations,” said Dougray Scott, who plays Dr Bill Masen.

Earlier this year, I took part in round table interviews with Dougray and Eddie Izzard (Torrence).

During which Dougray gave his opinion on why this story, first published in 1951, still captures our imagination.

And Eddie spoke about his very first visit to Pinewood Studios, where part of this drama was filmed.

Check out the audio links below.

Dougray Scott: Why does this story capture the imagination?

Eddie Izzard (Torrence)

How Eddie Izzard first got into films (Part 1):

How Eddie Izzard first got into films (Part 2):

(Warning – contains adult language)

Desperate Housewives star Dougray was also asked about his view on American v British TV drama.

“It depends what you watch,” he replied.

“I’ve watched some really great American drama. I was a huge fan of Six Feet Under and many other American dramas as well.

“But having said that, I think Britain has produced some wonderful dramas as well. I think better – because I think if you examine every piece of drama that America has produced in the last five years and you compare that to British drama, you’d be hard pressed to say that American drama is superior. It’s just more popular because it’s a bigger country, they export it.

“There is a romance about America anyway for us. We were brought up watching American movies as kids and I think that’s transferred itself on to the attraction of American TV. And we’re a smaller country. But they do have BBC America which has done pretty well.

“I just did a drama in Dublin which was for TV (Father And Son for ITV1). The writing was amazing and I was very attracted to that.

“I think there is some great American drama and there is some poor American drama, as well, that’s incredibly popular. So it’s difficult to be very accurate in having an opinion about that. It’s all relative, isn’t it?”

*The second and concluding part of The Day Of The Triffids is on BBC1 at 9pm tonight (Tue).

Day Of The Triffids: Dougray Scott

Day Of The Triffids: Eddie Izzard

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