Spooks: Pawns In The Game

Parched: Ruth, played by Nicola Walker

TIME to get serious as we approach the end.

I’m sure you are as shocked as I am to discover that next in line is episode seven.

Of eight.

You wait a year – or even longer – to see the new series of Spooks.

And then in a flash…it’s almost over.

There’s a clever bit of filming in the market scene which opens the penultimate episode.

Including players in a game of interest to the folk back at Thames House.

Ruth (Nicola Walker) has represented the less calculating side of The Grid in this series.

Harry’s guardian angel.

Who could be so much more.

They never went for that drink, did they?

Tender moment of the week in episode seven comes when Ruth touches Harry’s hand.

But otherwise it’s pretty relentless.

“I’ve forgotten what it’s like here. People as chess pieces,” comments Ruth.

The tentacles of Nightingale continue to fall into place around the globe.

Having engineered the removal of the Home Secretary.

Will Harry (Peter Firth) trust his replacement?

Story of the week revolves around a planned Hindu attack on Muslims in London.

With echoes of the 2004 Beslan school siege.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) takes charge of a reluctant asset within a group of young Hindu terrorists.

Ashok Veerkall, 17, played by Ashley Kumar, is wise beyond his years in not trusting anyone in MI5.

Telling Lucas: “I read all about what you lot get up to on the internet.”

Please remember to breathe when this story reaches its dramatic climax.

Because I forgot.

Which in itself is just a warm up for the end of series cliffhanger on Dec 23 – with no advance screening on BBC3.

The teaser trailer for the final episode features Ros (Hermione Norris) screaming again.

But this time in an altogether more disturbing and blood curdling way.

Other things to look out for in ep seven include:

1. A dripping tap.
2. A tiger’s claw.
3. A shark.
4. Tariq out of the office.
5. The Age of Kali.

*Spooks episode seven, series eight is on BBC3 at 9pm tomorrow (Friday) ahead of its main BBC1 screening at the same time next Wednesday.

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