Ashes To Ashes: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

“WHAT do you mean, she’s given up fighting?”

Alex Drake stares down the barrel at another bullet in episode three of Ashes To Ashes.

But this time it’s not Arthur Layton pulling the trigger.

Written by Nicole Taylor, next Monday’s story features Tony Hart, Morph plus Ray going all posh on us.

A transfer out of the Met for Gene.

And a teaser trailer for episode four which packs a shock for Galex fans.

In the aftermath of that return for a pregnant Jackie Queen, Gene surprises Alex and everyone else in a certain wine bar.

Last night’s second episode won its slot with 5.9m viewers – beating the final of ITV1’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Students of timelines may like to know that episode three takes place on and around May 18 1982.

Gene, Alex, Ray, Chris and Shaz are on the trail of anti-vivisectionists waging a war of terror.

Robin Elliot, played by the always classy David Bradley, is serving life for murder.

He has no contact with the outside world.

So how can he be organising a series of attacks, including bombings and shootings?

And how does he know so much about Alex?

Cue more spooky shiver down the spine stuff.

Early on there’s a simple exchange in CID.

It doesn’t have much significance in terms of the plot, but I liked it:

Alex: “Guv, can I have a word?”
Gene: “Luigi’s…”

Followed much later on by a moment to raise the blood pressure of all those fans hoping Gene will get a lot closer to Alex.

Other things to watch out for:

1. The return of the shadow of the noose.
2. Kevin Hales.
3. What time did Molly go to bed last night?
4. Gene’s reference to a famous Manchester store.
5. A piano.
6. “Darling, what is it?”
7. Dancing with the devil.
8. A nightmare moment in Alex’s kitchen.
9. Roses of a different colour.
10. The Best Man.

Music in episode three includes:

*Ashes To Ashes continues on BBC1 at 9pm next Monday.

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